'Nuffing season' is the new dating trend that says no to rushing into commitment

Around this time of year, many daters subscribe to the concept of ‘cuffing season’ – the idea that for the winter months you should fall head-first into a serious relationship.

You’re ‘cuffed’ to someone for the cold season.

Conveniently, many of these relationships break down for the summer, which is usually seen as a time of fun and non-serious play in dating.

‘Nuffing’, a term coined by dating app Badoo, says no to all of that.

Rushing into commitment is seldom a good idea, but over half of the single people they polled said they feel more pressure to date at this time of year – though less than a third of them actually want to settle down.

This suggests some people might be being strung along.

Only a quarter of Gen Z want to settle down, while 41% of millennials do – the rest say they’re looking to ‘date casually and have fun’, which is a departure from the usual attitude of looking to cosy up at this time of year.

75% are saying goodbye to the idea of getting cuffed and are dating without pressure to make it a relationship, favouring a more relaxed approach.

Despite not looking for something serious, it’s clear that dating is still on the cards as 77% of Gen Z – the generation least keen on finding a relationship – still wants to enjoy going out with people.

Showing that zero-pressuring dating is appealing to people this winter, 75% of singles want to date as normal and see how things go – rather than speed up or date more often.

The pressure that drives people to hook up quick has been attributed to friends and family who ask about the dating lives of others, not wanting to be single over Christmas, and Valentine’s day looming in the distance.

Another 44% say it’s also because all their friends tend to couple up. 

Around a similar figure have said the pressure makes them settle for someone they’re not totally sure of.

This year, 32% would rather have fun with friends and family and remain single.

Others are also wary of whether to trust someone eager to pin down a relationship, with 36% fearing they could be used to avoid loneliness over winter.

Natasha Briefel at Badoo advises the following over this period if ’nuffing’ is the trend you want to embrace:

  • Be honest about what you want: Whether that is to date casually, see how things go, or to find someone to connect with a bit more seriously.
  • Focus on building genuine connections: Ask questions and have conversations that will help you get to know someone at an intimate level first before thinking about where the situation is going.
  • Don’t let your time be wasted: Don’t settle for anything less than what you want, just because you feel pressured – if it’s not working, say that.
  • Make the most of dating in its entirety: Have fun and enjoy the process of getting to know new people – if you focus on enjoying the ride, the pressure to ‘find someone’ or ‘settle down’ may be relieved.
  • Prioritise yourself sometimes: It’s ok to make time for self-care or time with friends and family if you don’t feel like dating at the moment.

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