OnlyFans mum claims children ‘aren’t embarrassed’ by X-rated modelling career

An OnlyFans mum whose children were kicked off their sports teams because of her job has claimed she “never cared” what her mum’s job was.

Mum-of-four, Sara Cheek, 31, from Florida, US, lives with her husband and kids on a sprawling farm with animal and stables as she posts cheeky snaps on Instagram, @thesarablake.

And, she can afford the dreamy lifestyle because of her career as an X-rated OnlyFans model.

The blonde bombshell made around £22,800 a month when she started off and now earns more than £275,000 a year.

But, life hasn’t been all roses since she started making big bucks on the sexy subscription site.

Sara, who also writes a blog for ProSports Extra about her love of the NFL, sports and sex tips, claims other parents are the worst and have caused her children difficulties.

She explained: “They’ve experienced the bad of it with their cheerleading and football league banning their mum from being there and kicking them off the team as well.

“But they also see the respect I get from people in the sports and entertainment industry.

“I would get judged by other parents if I wasn’t doing OnlyFans, I dress sexier than other mums, I didn’t sign the PTO dress code, and I never will.”

But, she believes her kids don’t “get embarrassed” by her job.

The model told ProSports Extra: “My kids aren’t embarrassed, they don’t feel uncomfortable, and they don’t think any less.

“In fact, when did a child’s opinion had such emphasis on what or how their parents provided for them.

“I never cared what my mom did for a living, I cared that she was there and how she treated me.

“As an adult, I hope my mum and dad were banging three times a day, it’s healthy.”

Sara, who goes by @SaraCheeky on TikTok, added that how she cooks dinner for her children and the “sex video I post at night” have “zero impact” on one another.

Sara joked: “Now, when I’m in the McDonald’s drive thru and the manager gives us extra fries because he likes my boobs, that makes all of our days!”

The mum and model was also banned from attending her children’s football games by a cheer coach, but decided to get her own back in style."

She said: “Though it was a horrible experience that we thought moving would be something we needed to do, instead we just bought an estate next to the football field and the bikinis this season just got a little smaller.

“I love making jaws drop!”

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