Optical illusions shows four images – and it says a lot about your love life

Optical illusions can be really confusing at times.

Some might leave you stumped for ages, while others are more easier to understand.

Now one image circulating the internet can reveal a lot about how you love in a romantic relationship.

There are four images hidden in the optical illusion, each one giving a glimpse into how you love and what's holding you back.

A number of people might see the face of an old man first or others see a younger lad on horseback.

Meanwhile, some spot a young girl lying down by the river or an archway over the river first.

Each one determines your outlook on relationships, and how you act in them, according to Your Tango.

If you see the face of an old man first, it means you never lose sight of the bigger picture.

Also you're not someone who's likely to be swept off their feet by dramatic romantic gestures.

But if you saw a man riding a horse at first glance, then it means you may be a difficult one to hold down.

This doesn't necessarily mean you'd cheat on your partners, but that you're often looking around even if they're in front of you.

You might be someone who likes to be "courted" and without that type of attention, you might be looking elsewhere.

If the girl lying by the side of the river is what you see first, it could indicate you're on the verge of giving up on love.

While you might want to pursue romance, you are increasingly becoming wary of it not working out and giving up too quick.

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And finally if the stone archway over the river was what you spotted first, it could suggest you crave adventure more than stability.

You might have a fear of relationships getting in the way of your wild spirit and sense of adventure.

But this doesn't mean you can't find a partner with as much of a wild side as you have.

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