Putting your dog in doggy day care can cost 'over £11,000 per year'

Getting a dog is never a decision that should be taken lightly.

It’s a huge responsibility that can mean you have to make some sacrifices, and the cost of looking after an animal should always be considered.

Food, toys and vet bills are one thing – but if you have a dog that needs looking after while you’re at work, the cost could really skyrocket.

With more people than ever opting to get a four-legged friend during lockdown, the mass return to offices and the widespread reduction in working from home, could cause problems for lots of people.

It’s estimated that 3.2 million households purchased a new pet during lockdown last year, bringing the total of dogs in the UK to a massive 12 million.

But if your office isn’t dog-friendly, you’ll need to look into getting a dog walker or doggy day care – and neither of those options come cheap.

In fact, Admiral pet insurance has calculated that the average cost of doggy day care is £3,456 per year, but that figure varies wildly depending on where you live.

In London, the average daily cost of day care for your pet is £45. If you use it full-time, that’s £225 per week, which is an eye-watering £11,700 per year, if you use it every week.

That’s on par with putting a child through private school, or paying a second mortgage.

Even if you’re only using day care a few days per week, and you’re still working from home some of the time, the cost is far from small.

Admiral found that a worker going to the office three days a week, as per the popular new hybrid model, will spend around £288 per month on day care for their canine pal.

Getting a dog walker rather than day care is a slightly more affordable option.

The research found an hour’s dog walk with an accredited professional would cost an average of £1,774 per year. Although it’s a slightly cheaper option than doggy day care, it will still leave owners forking out £148 per month for one dog.

Most expensive and cheapest cities for dog owners

Dog owners in the capital will be facing the largest bills as London is the most expensive city for pet services, costing an average of £17 per hour for dog walking and £45 per day for doggy day care for one dog.

At the other end of the scale, Glasgow is the cheapest city for dog walkers with owners paying just £10.33 per hour for one dog.

While Newcastle is the cheapest for doggy day care services with costs totalling £19.33 for a full day for one dog.

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