Sophie Countess of Wessex & Edward body language suggests royals ‘more in love than ever’

Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones get married in 1999

Sophie, Countess of Wessex and Prince Edward, both 56, began dating in 1993. Six years later, the royal announced their engagement and appeared for a photo call at St James’s Palace.

The Wessexes had a grand royal wedding which took place at Windsor Castle.

The Countess became a working royal shortly after she married Prince Edward.

However, she previously worked away from the limelight and had a career in public relations.

Her work out of the public eye may have caused her to appear slightly nervous at her wedding, body language expert Judi James claimed.

She stated: “Edward’s body language at the time of their wedding suggested he was keen to please and appease, attempting to paper over any historic rifts [with] the press by presenting himself in a ‘dashing young prince’ mode.”

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Judi suggested Prince Edward tried to rectify his relationship with the press from before he met Sophie. The royal previously had a career in the arts and helped organise The Grand Knockout Tournament, known as the Royal Knockout, charity event.

The one-off show was broadcast on BBC and Prince Edward reportedly left a press conference early when discussing it, Daily Mail editor-at-large Richard Kay stated.

He told Channel 5: “The media were all invited but we were not invited to watch the actual event because it was being filmed behind closed doors. There was a press conference at the end of filming and Edward dashed in. He sort of sat down in front of the TV cameras and the flashlights and reporters. He asked what we thought of it but none of us could answer because we hadn’t seen any of it.”

Daily Mail royal editor Rebecca English added: “That’s the one thing you should never be seen doing on camera as a member of the Royal Family, that storming out. It all backfired spectacularly and it gave us a startlingly insight into Edward’s character and his personality.”

Prince Edward was the last of his siblings to get married and his body language on the big day may have mirrored others in his family.

Judi continued: “The power and status balance shown in the body language of their wedding day appeared to mimic Charles and Diana.

“Edward looked keen to show himself as a bit of a regal charmer doing all the dominant stuff while Sophie stood beautiful and slightly shyly by his side.

“His glances at Sophie looked infused with pride but his subtler body language signals suggested some awkwardness, with the rigid and self-consciously placed right arm and the equally rigid-looking smile.

“He looked to be trying too hard to get it all right and the thinking of the time was that it might sadly all end in tears.”

Prince Edward seemed to take control on his wedding day while Sophie appeared “slightly shy”.

Despite this, she has eased into her senior royal role and may now be more confident during engagements than her husband, Judi added.

She stated: “The more recent poses between the couple have been a revelation though.

“Both Edward and Sophie appeared to have matured into very different roles from their idealised wedding poses.

“This evolution seems to have worked well, meaning they look happier, more relaxed and perhaps even more in love than they did back then.”

Sophie seems happy to make public appearances and has continued to do this via video link during the coronavirus crisis.

Easing into their royal roles could have helped them become more relaxed, Judi claimed.

She added: “Sophie appears to enjoy stepping into the royal limelight but we never see any signs of vanity from her.

“One of the most telling traits as a couple though appears to be the way they appear engaged and amused by one another during conversations.

“Not many long-married couples use this amount of eye contact when they’re out socialising and it suggests the pair really do enjoy one another’s company.

“Compare Edward’s congruent smiles and laughter to the performed ones on his wedding day and it does seem to suggest increased delight in Sophie’s company. They seem to make one another laugh and Sophie’s eye-connect as she chats and smiles suggests the admiration and love might be mutual.”

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