Spoilers: Freya to quit Ramsay Street as David gives up in Neighbours

Handing themselves in might prove a bit of a mistake for Freya (Phoebe Roberts) and David (Takaya Honda). Now they are now preparing to fight for their freedom in Neighbours. But will the fight prove too much?

Levi (Richie Morris) has taken the truth of what happened at River Bend hard, particularly that Freya didn’t care to share the info before now, and he has decided he’s had enough of her behaviour and lies. He is ready to wash his hands of her, but she offers an olive branch in the hope he might see she’s not a terrible person. Nope, Levi is not interested in hearing her out. Instead, he spends time reflecting on their time together and concludes it’s been nothing but trouble. That’s it, he’s done.

Freya is devastated that he could blow her off without even hearing her side. But enough is enough, she decides she’s fighting too many battles right now and it’s time to let him go. Not only that, she plans to leave Ramsay Street altogether and head back to Echuca.

But while she’s being somewhat gracious in her defeat, David is utterly lost. He is still having a hard time with reconciling his actions with his own character and feels he deserves everything he gets. He’s heading to a bad place.

Aaron (Matt Wilson) is alarmed to learn David is uninterested in what his lawyer has to say and that he is just going to accept his fate. He’s angry that David won’t fight for his family.

Aaron decides it’s up to him to keep Freya and David on track. He gives Freya work at The Shed and gets David to meet Clive. But neither of his good intentions pan out. Things are getting worse for these two, and Aaron may have to start facing the prospect of a new reality.

Scenes air from Monday April 25 on Channel 5.

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