Stephanie of Monaco is on lockdown with daugthers Pauline and Camille

Grace Kelly’s granddaughters Pauline Ducruet and Camille Gottlieb reveal they’ve moved home to live with their mother Princess Stephanie of Monaco during lockdown – and spend time walking, drawing and doing yoga

  • Stephanie of Monaco, Prince Albert’s sister, 55, lockdown with her daughters
  • Pauline Ducruet, 25, and Camille Gottlieb, 21, usually living separate lives
  • The three women enjoying spending time together during COVID19 pandemic  
  • Prince Albert, 62, revealed he was coronavirus positive last week  

Grace Kelly’s granddaughters have revealed they’ve moved back to their mother’s Monaco home to support her during lockdown.  

Princess Stephanie, 55, the younger sister of Prince Albert, 62, is currently on lockdown with her daughter, Pauline Ducruet, 25, who has travelled home from New York to be with her, while 21-year-old Camille Gottlieb’s jetset lifestyle is also on hold. 

Speaking to Monaco Info, Pauline and Camille admitted they have not lived under their mother’s roof in a long time, but make the best of the situation by walking their dogs and practicing yoga. 

Monaco has so far reported 46 cases of coronavirus since the beginning of the outbreak, and only one death, and Prince Albert is now out of isolation after testing positive. 

Stephanie of Monaco, (right) 55, is spending the lockdown with her two daughters, Camille Gottlieb, 21 (left) and Pauline Ducruet, 25 (centre)

The two sisters opened up about their lives on lockdown and admitted the fact their uncle Prince Albert, 62m tested positive to COVID made them realise how serious the pandemic was (Stephanie with her daughters at home)

Pauline and Camille came home before Monaco entered a lockdown to limit the spread of the pandemic. 

‘Since I’ve left Monaco, we haven’t spend so much time together for so long,’ Pauline said. 

‘We spend several weeks in the same city, but not under the same roof,’ she added. 

She explained the lockdown has been a ‘happy’ one for the family, but she added that they have to take precautions so as not to feel like they are ‘on each other’s toes’ too often, except for at mealtimes. 

Pauline, pictured in a throwback picture with Camille, said she practiced yoga to keep zen during the period of confinement 

Pauline added that she’s doing yoga to stay zen, while 21-year-old Camille said: ‘I draw a lot, I walk my dog a lot, I try to walk least than an hour by myself per day.’

The women revealed that they also take to their terrace every day at 7pm to chant Monaco’s hymn and wave its flag, and applaud healthcare workers every day at 8pm. 

Coronavirus has directly touched the family, with Prince Albert announcing he had tested positive and was self-isolating on March 19. 

‘We always think that it only happens to others, and the fact that it happened within our family, it made us think “there’s no barrier”,’ Pauline said. 

‘Everybody can get it, it made us realise it was really serious and we could not take this lightly,’ she added.  

Prince Albert, pictured with Camille at the International Circus Festival in Monaco in January 2020, announce he had tested positive to the Coronavirus on 19 March and has been isolating ever since

Pauline, who works as a fashion designer in New York, is the daughter of Stephanie and her former husband Daniel Ducruet, to whom she was only married a year from 1995 to 1996. 

Her brother Louis, 27, was also born of this union.  

Meanwhile, Camille, born in 1998, is the daughter of Jean Raymond Gottlieb, who worked as the head of security for Stephanie until they struck a romance and became lovers. 

While his name reportedly doesn’t appear on her birth certificate, and while Stephanie never shared the identity of Camille’s father, her daughter has publicly stated he was her father. 



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