Summer’s not over yet! Waitrose launches boozy FROSÉ ice pops

Summer’s not over yet! Waitrose launches very boozy FROSÉ ice pops in time for the weekend’s hot weather (but they cost £2.99 EACH)

  • Waitrose launches its first ever alcoholic ice pops with an ABV of 8%
  • They have higher alcohol strength than beer, which typically has a 4% ABV
  • They are made with Mirabeau rosé wine and strawberry essence

With more hot weather on the way for the weekend, Brits are continuing to hunt for refreshing ways to cool down.

Now they can indulge in some new very boozy new frozen rosé wine ice pops that come with a hefty kick of alcohol.

Waitrose will launch the ‘frosé’ popsicles into stores tomorrow – the first time it has launched a boozy ice pop.

With an ABV of 8 per cent, they are boozier than a pint of beer – which may explain why they come with a hefty price tag of £2.99 each. 

Waitrose is launching Mirabeau Frosé Popsicles on Friday, the first alcoholic ice pops it has ever launched for £2.99 each

The new Mirabeau Frosé Popsicles are made from a blend of Classic Mirabeau rosé wine and strawberry essence.

They launch as sales of rosé wine continue to soar this summer, with sales up by 20 per cent to date, according to Waitrose.

Frozen rosé, known as frosé, is also more popular, with online searches for the word increasing seven-fold since July 2016.

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Waitrose also reports that visits to its frosé recipe page on have increased by 250 per cent compared to this time last year. 

Victoria Mason, Waitrose wine buyer said: ‘This is the first time we’ve launched an alcoholic popsicle and we are thrilled it’s in partnership with Mirabeau. F

Sainsbury’s also sells alcoholic ice pops in gin and tonic and rapsberry bellini flavours

‘Rosé was been a huge trend last summer, with people making their own at home and sharing recipes and pictures all over Instagram.’

Stephen Cronk, from Mirabeau, added:  ‘Mirabeau Frosé is based on a secret recipe, combining our bestselling Classic Provence Rosé with English strawberry essence. 

‘We are sure this delicious frozen cocktail will give an indulgent moment to many during this amazing summer’. 

Waitrose is the latest supermarket to add boozy ice pops to its range.

In May, Sainsbury’s launched two new flavours of alcoholic ice pops for £3 for a pack of four in gin and tonic, and raspberry bellini flavours.

Aldi also sells aloholic ice lollies for £2.99 for a pack of four, which come in G&T, Peach Bellini, Cosmopolitan or Buck’s Fizz flavours.

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