The VERY surprising ways Sudocrem can help your beauty regime

The VERY surprising ways Sudocrem can improve your beauty regime (including protecting your face from hair dye)

  • Sudocrem has some very surprising uses that you might not have discovered
  • It can be used to soothe the rash you sometimes get after plucking eyebrows
  • It might also be used to protect your forehead and face from hair dye

It’s something most mothers have stashed in the back of the bathroom cupboard; helpful for nappy rash, eczema and other everyday irritations.

But there are several surprising uses for Sudocrem that not everyone will know about.

According to Glamour, the antiseptic cream can aid your beauty regime.

It helps with plucking your eyebrows, dyeing your hair, targets your wrinkles and can be used as a primer – and the miracle cure usually only costs around £2 a tub.

Sudocrem has many surprising uses including helping to soothe the red bumps after shaving

Dyeing your hair can often leave you with unsightly dye stains all over your forehead and face.

Applying the cream to those areas can act as a shield to protect your skin from the dye, protecting it from any stains while you change up your look.

Plucking or waxing your eyebrows can leave you with a bumpy red rash, which is where Sudocrem comes in handy once again.

A small layer of the stuff will help ease the red bumps, giving you perfect brows in no time.

The best face creams can be pricey, and the even the budget options aren’t always so purse-friendly.

Sudocream contains zinc, which is a natural astringent that will tighten the skin’s elastin fibre and ease the appearance of wrinkles. 

It can also help with dyeing your hair and even targets your wrinkles as it contains zinc, a natural astringent

And Sudocrem isn’t the only household product that has surprising uses.

Solid soap may be a good item to pack for your holidays as it has soothing properties and once rubbed on a bite will relieve you of the need to scratch.

Rubbing some liquid soap over a gas pipe can detect leaks; if it bubbles then there is a problem. Call for assistance immediately.

If the fabric you are sewing is particularly thick or tricky to get through, run the needle over a bar of soap. 

This acts as a lubricant for the needle, making your crafting session much more enjoyable. 

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