Takeout Addict Drops Major Weight & Got Ripped

One man who used to go out and eat two takeout meals a night ended up getting really fit. His name is Dominic O’Connor, he’s twenty-three years old and lives in Derbyshire England.

According to the Dailymail, he gained most of his former weight when he got an injury from playing rugby. The injury left him in crutches for a year. This is where he developed some negative eating habits that eventually led to him gaining weight.

He gained weight by double eating when he went out with friends. He would often start his day with a fried item and then munch on some chips and pasta. For supper, he would consume a pizza or fried chicken, sometimes both depending on the occasion.

All of this eventually led to him becoming self-conscious when he was in Hong Kong and felt embarrassed when he had to remove his shirt. This then led to some drastic changes in his lifestyle.


His current diet consists of him having porridge and eggs for breakfast, chicken or turkey with vegetables for lunch and for supper he eats fish with rice and vegetables. He also has a high protein pizza for a snack since he is going to the gym more often. He doesn’t even drink alcohol anymore since it is not particularly healthy to consume anyway.

This change did not happen overnight though, it’s been a long two years with much effort, but he can safely say that he’s lost 63 pounds. That’s a lot considering how unfit he became. This means that he had to really commit and put a lot of effort into fixing the issue that mattered most to him at the time.

Currently, Dominic is going to study to get a Ph.D. in Appetite and Obesity. This is a dramatic swap from what his life was on track to be, which wasn’t very healthy.

It’s clear that he wants to encourage people to follow in his footsteps and that’s good because he might very well be indirectly saving someone’s life.

He’s also said that he’s feeling much better now, this is often said when someone loses a lot of weight because they know how much healthier they are and that they can likely complete so many more physical tasks with little effort.

Overall, someone like Dominic is surely an example of personal gain through motivation. He’s lost a lot of weight and looks much better than he did before. He’s also trying to look into the mindset of people to find out more information which means that he is going above and beyond in terms of being an external motivator.


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