Texas protesters dump beer keg on street to demand bars be allowed to reopen

Texas protesters gathered at El Paso’s Cincinnati Entertainment District over the Fourth of July weekend to demand bars be allowed to reopen. Bars were ordered closed for a second time June 26 after the state experienced a resurgence in coronavirus cases.

The entertainment center, which is made up of restaurants, bars and retail, pulled in citizens who wanted to show support for the local businesses – and maybe cash-in on some free beer, which was reportedly being handed out to the protesters by other protesters.

One attendee, Raquel Mertz, told KTSM she was there in solidarity, “…when our neighbors are being affected it affects us all.”

As part of the demonstrations, a keg of beer was opened and poured down Cincinnati Street to signify all of the alcohol bars are not able to sell during the pandemic and the loss of profits.

“Tax-free beer running down the street, just like in the old days when they did the tea party when they threw tax-free tea into the harbor,” said Frank Ricci Jr., the owner of Rockin’ Cigar Bar to KTSM.

Currently, the state of Texas has seen spikes in positive coronavirus cases.

A record 8,181 Texans with the coronavirus were hospitalized Sunday, a new daily high as overall cases slipped during the coronavirus pandemic.

State health officials also reported 29 additional deaths, bringing the totals to 2,637 deaths and 195,239 confirmed cases.

Fox News’ Frank Miles contributed to this report.

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