The Bachelor's Catherine Is on Instagram and, Yup, You're Going to Want to See This

Blink and you’ll miss it! After making her Instagram private, The Bachelor’s Catherine Agro, aka “Fourth Time’s a Charm,” from her scene-stealing first night at the mansion, has allowed us a peek into her personal life by making the account public again. Phew!

The good news is, the wait was well worth it, despite there only being about 20 images posted to the feed. From the introspective and even kind of poetic captions Agro pens — “If your dreams don’t scare you- they’re not big enough,” and “The only time you should look back is to see how far you come” — to the eye-popping photos of the aspiring DJ, mostly donning bikinis (and chaps!), you’re going to want to spend a few minutes surfing through. When you’re done there, head over to the real estate agent’s dog’s Twitter account, which doesn’t seem to be run by the contestant herself. Still kinda funny to read through what Lucy might be pondering after her cameo on the show, such as, “I’m also not here for the right reasons.”

Then, if you’re still hankering for more Agro, scroll through her Facebook feed. It’s mostly drool-worthy real estate, but there are also some super-cute Lucy photos, and more of the blond bombshell proudly showing off her physique.

Agro’s social posts will hopefully hold you over until next Monday’s episode. Can’t wait to see if the other girls in the house are still mad about how much time she’s getting with Colton!

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