The benefits of drinking Tequila revealed as more people drink at home during self-isolation

With uncertainty in the air it is super important we keep our spirits high and maintain a positive mental and physical state so we can all get through this together.

There is no problem enjoying the occasional drink whilst at home, however, to make sure we look after ourselves a quality 100% Agave Tequila like VIVIR may just become your new favourite drink!

Tequila is an alcohol so we would never claim to be exactly ‘healthy’. However, if a quality 100% agave Tequila like VIVIR is enjoyed in moderation it has been proven to have many benefits way beyond and above other forms of alcohol.

This spirit is low in calories – a measure of Tequila only has around 60 calories, which is much less than the likes of wine where a glass typically has around 160.

Helps support weight loss – the natural sugars found in Agave plants are called Agavins. They are passed to Tequila through production and are non-digestible, acting like a dietary fibre. This helps lower blood-sugar levels, stopping them spiking meaning you are more likely to use the calories from the sugars as energy, rather than store them as fat. It can also help increase insulin levels, which is good news for diabetics. Agavins also help you to feel fuller so you actually just need to eat less also.

Limits hangovers – one of the largest contributors to the dreaded hangover is the presence of fermentation products known as congeners. 100% agave Tequila has much fewer of these congeners, which limits that horrible hazy feeling the following morning that we all want to dodge.

Aids digestion – agave is high in inulin, which also passes through to the Tequila spirit through the production process. This has a prebiotic affect and assists with the growth of good bacteria in the gut, which hugely helps with the digestion of food. Also, the fructans which Tequila derives actually contain good probiotic bacteria as well to further aid digestion.

Boosts metabolism – it has been shown that sipping a Tequila before a meal boosts your metabolism to further help digestion and use the calories from the food as energy, rather than store it as fat.

Bone health – agave also promotes the absorption of calcium and magnesium in the body, resulting in stronger bones.

Aids with sleep – Tequila is also unique for the fact it helps the drinker relax. It has been proven to lower nervous disorders and aids in the induction of sleep. We would never suggest drinking Tequila every night as part of your sleeping ritual, however, science does show it can support at bedtime in small amounts.

Whilst we’re all stuck at home and want to enjoy a drink whilst keeping our health in the best state possible – here are some super simple ways to enjoy Tequila that you may have not tried before.

Tequila & Tonic


25ml – 50ml VIVIR Tequila Blanco

250ml of your favourite tonic

Slice of lime or wedge of pink grapefruit

If you like Gin & Tonic, you are going to love this! Simply replace gin in equal measures (25ml – 50ml) with VIVIR Tequila Blanco and add it to your favourite tonic, 250ml. We personally like a slimline to keep the calories down. Make sure the glass is full of ice and garnish with either a slice of lime or wedge of pink grapefruit.

Tequila & Ginger Ale


25ml – 50ml VIVIR Tequila Reposado

250ml of ginger ale

Slice of lime

Another extremely simple long serve drink. Using VIVIR Tequila Reposado add 25ml – 50ml to an ice filled highball glass and top up with 250ml of a natural ginger ale. To garnish add a slice of fresh lime. It’s a great alternative to a rum and ginger and contains a lot less sugar and calories.



50ml VIVIR Tequila Blanco or Reposado

10ml Agave Syrup

10ml Lime Juice

60ml Pink Grapefruit Juice

Soda water or grapefruit soda to fill glass

Wedge of pink grapefruit and sea salted rim if desired

Wipe a slice of lime around the rim of a highball glass. Then dip into sea salt so the rim is coated. Grab a cocktail shaker and fill with ice. Add all ingredients except the soda water. Shake for around 20 second, or until the outside of the shaker feels cold. Place some ice into your prepared highball glass, pour in your cocktail and top up with soda water or grapefruit soda. Add the pink grapefruit wedge and enjoy.

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