The GENIUS ideas that you’ll wish you’d thought of first

From trolley hacks to turning your hoody into a popcorn bowl – these photos reveal the GENIUS ideas that you’ll wish you’d thought of first

  • Some people are always one step ahead of the crowd with their genius ideas  
  • Diply compiled viral gallery of people who created hacks for every day problems
  • Incredible snaps include new way to heat apartments as well as popcorn hoods

It seems that some people are always one step ahead with their genius ideas. 

Diply have compiled a viral gallery of moments where people, from around the world, have shown off their incredible hacks – to get over everyday problems.

Incredible snaps include the clever way one person heated their apartment, as well as reinventing the hoodie as a popcorn holder.

In another picture,  a parent can be seen tricking their child into enjoying a sip of medicine by concealing it behind a can of pop. 

Look down! One parent, whose location is unknown, shared this incredible hack to help encourage a child to sip their medicine

We’re a fan! Another person, believed to be from the US, shared their hack on keeping their apartment warm after the landlord turned their heating off

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