The sweet meaning behind Kate Middleton’s first ring from Prince William

When it comes to dazzling pieces of jewellery, the royal family have been setting the benchmark with their gems for centuries.

So it’s no surprise that one of the first things Prince William gifted Kate Middleton at the beginning of their relationship was a gorgeous ring.

When we think of Kate’s rings we probably instantly think of her stunning sapphire and diamond engagement ring. And although she wears this historical piece of jewellery, which used to belong to Princess Diana, whenever she’s out in public, alongside her wedding bands, we also occasionally see Kate wear another ring which is extremely special to her – the very romantic gift from William when they were dating.

The Duchess of Cambridge has been given many timeless jewels from the Duke over the years, but it was when they were at the University of St Andrews together he gave his future wife this very sentimental trinket.

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Kate was spotted wearing the ring on the day of her graduation in 2005, a huge milestone in her life and a subtle nod to the next stage of her life.

Set on a rose gold Victorian band, the ring features two garnets, which are Kate’s birthstone (January), and pearls to represent William’s birthstone (June).

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Steven Stone jewellers have shared their thoughts behind the design of this other precious ring, as well as its value.

The jewellery experts said: “It actually reveals a lot about their relationship and their personalities.”

Steven Stone explains that although the design of the ring is simple, it contains a lot of symbolism by featuring both their birthstones.

Garnets symbolise strength and are traditionally known as commitment stones. They are also crystals of passion, which demonstrates the love in their relationship.

Pearls, on the other hand, represent purity, humility and innocence. Pearls were also traditionally given as a wedding gift, which could have been Prince William’s hint that wedding bells were soon to be on the horizon.

Steven Stone estimates that this would have cost no more than £2,000, so although this ring isn’t the most expensive item in Kate’s box of lavish jewels, it’s certainly one of her most sentimental and priceless pieces.

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