The Talk execs 'want to replace Sharon Osbourne with Jerry O'Connell' but host Sheryl Underwood 'does NOT like the idea’

THE Talk executives “want to replace Sharon Osbourne with Jerry O’Connell,” but host Sheryl Underwood “does not like the idea.” 

Jerry, 47, has been co-hosting alongside Sheryl, Amanda Kloots, Elaine Welteroth and other male guest hosts for The Talk’s Men of May. 

Jerry is the “frontrunner” to replace Sharon, 68, after she quit the show in March over her on-air fight with Sheryl, 57. 

But a source told The Sun “not everyone is on board for the plan,” as Sheryl and Elaine, 34, don’t want the comedian on full time. 

The source claimed: “On camera everyone is lovey-dovey and laughing together, but off camera Sheryl and Elaine have raised some serious concerns. 

"Sheryl thinks Jerry is fine for the Men of May month producers planned, but beyond that she feels we are telling the audience that women cannot behave themselves and be friends.

“It's not the narrative Sheryl wants out there and she thinks it would further damage public perception.”

As for Elaine, she wants to focus less on the light-hearted and humorous topics discussed with Jerry on the show. 

The source continued: “Elaine wants to use her voice to address important conversations like Black Lives Matter, under representation in the workplace and police brutality, not surface conversations about Katy Perry not shaving her legs. 

“Elaine feels she was hired to have deep meaningful conversations and now the show is abandoning that plan to have silly conversations.

“The powers that be keep saying to hire Jerry and book him week after week.”

Though Jerry is a big name, the source said: “The truth is that no one can replace Mrs. O. Sharon was the centerpiece of the show.”

A second insider said: "The hosts are enjoying 'The Talk's Men of May' with Jerry and the fun and entertaining discussions they've been having on the show.

"The Talk will continue to address important, timely topics as well."

Viewers have been mixed on if they want Rebecca Romijn's husband to join the daytime talk show. 

One fan wrote on The Talk’s Facebook page: "I would love to see Jerry stay on after this month. He brings great energy to the show and is a wonderful addition. He fits in well, he is funny but can be serious, and he tells good stories.”

A second commented: “I love Jerry. I think he's funny and adds a lot to this boring show.”

A third said: “I really like the addition of Jerry O’Connell to The Talk. He brings humor to lighten up the show and he brings a man’s point of view.  I think the new host should be a man."

But others were against Jerry joining the show, as one wrote: “Jerry is trying way too hard. No need to be wacky and over the top on everything.”

A second commented: "I have ZERO interest in watching male cohosts discuss the daily topics before the regular guests are interviewed on this type of TV show.”

A third said: “Do not like this guy as any host but to me he is a better actor. He acts so silly for me.”

The cast shakeup started when Sharon addressed her decision to stand by her longtime friend Piers Morgan's criticism of Meghan Markle, resulting in an on-air fight with co-host Sheryl, on the March 10 episode. 

Sharon felt Sheryl was insinuating she is racist because of her decision to support her friend. 

The show took a month-long hiatus to conduct an internal review.

CBS then announced Sharon had quit the show in March.

Then in April, Carrie Ann Inaba was out for two weeks because of side effects from her various autoimmune conditions. 

She then announced she is taking a leave of absence from the CBS show. 

The leave of absence comes amid her alleged feud with co-host Sheryl. 

A source claimed to The Sun: “Sheryl is thrilled Carrie Ann is gone for now.

“Now Sheryl feels the show can assemble their dream team of cohosts to give The View a run for their money, instead of the slow walk The Talk has been doing.”

The source continued that Sheryl “loves moderating” the show and "being the focal point of every conversation.”

The source added: “She didn't think Carrie Ann did a good job of leading the show. 

“Sheryl feels she is much more capable and has a more dynamic personality for the job.”

Carrie Ann also allegedly felt “stressed” after Sharon left. 

The Sun also previously reported that another name being thrown around is actress and dancer Jenna Dewan. 

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