Tonight could be coldest night in 70 years as snow, sleet and freezing temperatures hit UK

Just as we thought we were getting some sun, it seems the cold is on its way.

And in fact Londoners are set to face one of the coldest nights on record tonight, with temperatures falling to -3C (27F).

The Arctic blast in Britain will come after a day of further snowfall in some parts of the country.

The temperature for Heathrow Airport will be -3.1C (26.4F) and this is the lowest ever for the airport, which is one of the capital's main weather stations.

Temperatures last night fell to a very cold -8C in the Scottish Highlands, and temperatures in Sennybridge in Powys, Wales, fell to -6.7C.

As a result of the cold climes, the Met Office has now issued a weather warning for ice covering the east coast of England, from midnight tonight until 10am tomorrow.

This will run from the Scottish border and down to the bottom of Lincolnshire.

Forecasters have also said that the snow and hail is going to lead to icy patches on some areas of untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths, and warn that this could cause injuries from slips and falls, as well as possible travel disruption.

Met Office meteorologist Matty Box said: "There is an ice warning out at the moment. If there's any melting and refreezing overnight then there's an ice risk."

He continued: "It will be concentrated and there will be snow showers. It will be eastern and northern areas of the UK that are more likely to see any showers of rain, sleet or snow.

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"Showers will become less frequent, but still with the chance of some wintry showers in the east coast and the North Sea coast in particular through Saturday. There should be a fair amount of sunshine as well."

The Met Office has warned drivers to "take care" if they're traveling across the far South East of England, especially after snow fall in Kent.

They added that visibility on the roads has been affected during the morning rush-hour, which is adding to the difficult driving conditions.

There was also a Met Office warning for ice in place for eastern Scotland, North East England and eastern parts of the East Midlands.

And another for snow and ice in eastern coastal areas of Suffolk, Essex and Kent.

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