Tory Lanez Gifts Toys Worth $100,000 To Kids Raised By Single Moms

Tory Lanez truly captured the spirit of the season by generously donating an astounding $100,000 worth of toys and gifts this holiday season. Recognizing that the pandemic has really taken a toll on the most marginalized people in his community, Lanez dedicated this giveaway to single mothers and their children, and he absolutely made a significant difference in their lives this Christmas. Instead of arbitrarily signing a check to his favorite charity, Lanez made this a truly personal and touching experience by being there in person to distribute the gifts, and take a moment to meet and greet those who were fortunate enough to be part of this charitable experience.

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The holiday season is meant to be merry for everyone, and as most of us gather with family and enjoy the food, the gifts, and the company of our loved ones, many are far less fortunate and struggle to get by. The pandemic has changed everything, and has left many families in truly dire situations by adding several layers of complexity to their already difficult lives, and Tory Lanez wanted to do his part in bridging the gap in Broward County, Florida.

With a current net worth of $4 million, Lanez dipped into his fortune and purchased $100,000 worth of goodies to share with single moms and their kids, and warmed the heart of hundreds of deserving families with his generous giveaway.

He really got into the spirit of the season by donning a Santa hat, and assuming the Santa role by gifting his guests. He joyfully handed out Barbies, bicycles, lego sets, and lighsabers, along with clothing and many other incredible items, and as he did so, he made sure to take the time to chat with the recipients of these amazing presents. He got to know the families and as he chatted with them, Lanez went the extra mile by also handing out snacks and beverages.

Lanez remained very cautious throughout the giveaway, and wore a mask and PPE the entire time that he was engaging with the families. This event remained strictly drive-thru, and contact was limited as much as possible, while ensuring that the warm atmosphere of giving and gifting was still felt by all in attendance.

When asked to comment about what inspired him to invest $100,000 on others this holiday season, Lanez is quoted as responding by saying; “We’re still battling a pandemic that’s left so many people between a rock and a hard place. I’m just happy I can be a blessing to others and help them safely bring some joy back during the holidays.”

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