Tristan Thompson Shook By Cheating Scandal: Does He Think Khloe Kardashian Can Forgive Him?

While Tristan Thompson may WANT Khloe Kardashian to forgive him for his alleged cheating, HL learned exclusively the NBA player isn’t holding his breath. Find out how he really feels here!

Tristan Thompson, 27, is in HOT water with Khloe Kardashian, 33 — and he knows it! After videos and photos surfaced earlier this month of the basketball player getting cozy with multiple women on various occasions, Tristan isn’t even expecting Khloe to forgive him! Tristan is aware of just how bad things look for him, and even he wouldn’t be surprised if Khloe took their newborn baby girl, True, and left. At the same time though, the athlete is apparently feeling pretty guilty over his actions. Click here to see PDA pics of Khloe and Tristan before the cheating allegations.

Tristan is taking things very hard because of all the cheating videos that have come out,” a source close to Tristan told EXCLUSIVELY. “He knows so many people are pissed at him and after what he did, he expects Khloe to never be with him again. He is anticipating that their relationship will be officially over.” Meanwhile, Khloe has yet to publicly comment on her baby daddy’s alleged unfaithfulness, and at this point, she’s reportedly not sure what she’s going to do about it.

As of right now, the stars are reportedly sleeping apart and are solely focused on taking care of their baby daughter. “He’s thought about how to apologize, but he feels it will be no use and that she will officially leave him very soon,” our insider added. While no one truly knows what Khloe is thinking right now, Tristan may actually be on to something. After all, as previously reported, the Revenge Body creator is completely heartbroken over the cheating allegations.

“Cheating is an absolute deal breaker. Trust in the relationship has been completely lost,” a source close to Khloe told us EXCLUSIVELY earlier this month. “She would have accepted it if he needed his jollies with friends, because unlike a brothel, like what Lamar [Odom] did, or actually hooking up with girls, at least there is some sort of control and rules in a strip club. The fact that he cheated on her in front of the world is absolutely heartbreaking and embarrassing and she will never get over it.”

On top of that, Khloe is reportedly super anxious to leave Ohio, which is where she gave birth on April 12. As soon as baby True is cleared to fly, the star will apparently pack up and leave for LA to be with her family. “Khloe is secretly plotting her escape from Cleveland, and she is keeping Tristan in the dark about her plans,” another source told us. “She still wants to get out of Ohio, but doctors warn her against traveling with a newborn, so for now she is stuck in Cleveland until True is cleared to travel.”

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