Tyga Thinks Iggy Azalea’s Twerking Videos Are ‘Sexy AF’ — They’re Like A Thirst Trap For Him

HollywoodLife.com has EXCLUSIVELY learned how Tyga feels about Iggy Azalea’s latest surge of twerking videos. Does his high praise mean they’re dating!? Our source spills!

Iggy Azalea, 28, has got Tyga, 28, under a “hypnotic” spell. And she’s not using a yo-yo to do it – rather, her booty-popping prowess! Who wouldn’t be impressed after seeing Iggy twerk with a bucket of KFC chicken balanced on her rear end? “Tyga is obsessed with hot chicks twerking, it’s like, totally his thing, and he thinks Iggy’s videos are sexy as f**k,” a source close to Tyga shares EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife.com. “Tyga’s seriously never seen a white chick that can get down like Iggy, and if she posts a twerk video on social, it’s like setting an instant thirst trap for him.”

Tyga must be setting himself up for many thirst traps. Iggy hasn’t been holding back her talent from her Instagram Story lately. On Aug. 6, she posted a video from Miami of her bent over on the steps of a yacht as she twerked her zebra print-clad booty away, while a man in a speedo supplied backup dance moves. “Tyga could sit back with a drink in his hand, and do nothing but watch Iggy twerk, literally for hours,” our source adds. “It’s like, hypnotic for him, kinda mezmerising, but yeah, sexy too, because he finds Iggy super hot.” Hand over the martini, Tyga – we’ll join you!

Is Tyga just cheering on his longtime friend, whom he’s known since 2009? Or is there more behind these kind words? Dating rumors were swirling in April after the two reportedly showed up to a party on April 13 holding hands, then were one another’s dates again at Coachella on April 15. Even several months later, the two rappers were photographed partying together on restaurant entrepreneur David Grutman’s yacht on Aug. 5. But Iggy had previously announced she’s “so alone” and wishes “to find a person [whose] not in the music industry” to E! Online on July 10. Even so, we could see if Tyga’s been (secretly?) crushing on her after witnessing Iggy’s on-camera twerking while filming her music video “Kreme” together, which was released on July 6.

We’re just happy to see Iggy’s confidence restored, as her latest twerk showcases have proved! Her “confidence really took a hit” after her ex-boyfriend Nick Young, 33, allegedly cheated on her, a source EXCLUSIVELY shared with us, but now “she looks and feels amazing. She feels empowered and super proud of her body again.” After hearing all his compliments, we don’t think Tyga would let Iggy’s confidence take a hit again!

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