Um, What The Heck Happened During Brett’s ‘Big Brother’ POV Ceremony?

After Faysal’s decision to nominate his own ally, Scottie, for eviction, there was a great deal of tension going into the Aug. 22 episode of Big Brother 20. Audiences who don’t keep up with the shows live feeds would finale get to see if Scottie managed to get himself off the block, or see if Faysal would continue targeting one of his only allies. However, those watching the episode did not learn what happened during the POV ceremony. Fans got to see eviction nominee Brett win the Power Of Veto competition and can reasonably guess that he’ll take himself off of the block, but have no idea what happened during Brett’s POV ceremony because the episode didn’t show it.

While the events within Big Brother can be unpredictable, the structure of the show itself is usually pretty consistent from week to week. On Sunday episodes, fans get to see a new HoH take reign, culminating in a nomination ceremony. Wednesdays show the Power of Veto competition and corresponding ceremony, and Thursday episodes feature a live eviction, before starting the whole process over again from the beginning. The pattern is so well-established, that many fans are confused as to why the show opted to skip the ceremony, instead leaving the episode on a cliffhanger in which Faysal is still trying to decide who he’s going to put up as a replacement nominee if Brett takes himself off of the block.

While the POV ceremony did not air on its usual night, the ceremony will likely be shows on Thursday’s episode prior to the live eviction — although this may be spoiled, should the houseguest’s seating arrangement during the live eviction clearly indicate both post-POV nominees, which is standard for live eviction episodes. It’s not clear why the series chose to use a Thursday-night flashback to air the POV ceremony, but it’s likely that the POV ceremony will be used to pad out the runtime of the live episode.

Big Brother fans know that while Thursday night episodes are best known for having the live eviction, it is also the week’s episode that checks in on Big Brother-related topics outside of the house. Earlier this season the show has used Thursday night episodes to check in on evictee Swaggy C, and has visited the friends and family of houseguests Sam and Tyler, and in season’s past the live eviction episode has been used to check in on former BB houseguests in a to find out where they are now. Some fans are suggesting that the rescheduling of the POV ceremony airing may be caused be the lack of a remote segment and or the lack of any content that the show could form a larger segment around not related to the game.

Those frustrated at the sudden change of schedule don’t need to look far for Big Brother spoilers and learn that Brett pulled himself off the block and Kaycee was put up in his place, according to Big Brother Daily. While the results of the veto ceremony are known to those who follow the live feeds, that actual events of the ceremony will remain a mystery until Thursday Aug. 23 episode of Big Brother.

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