US farmers paint their cow to stage Tiger King photos

Tiger King is the show of 2020, having swept the world due to its wild storyline and even wilder animals.

Although the craziest characters in the series may appear to have been Joe Exotic, Carol Baskin, and Doc Antle, it would have been nothing without the tigers themselves.

Many people have got their best mullet wigs on and drawn on a goatee to emulate Joe, but these farmers have gone one better, and created a tiger from one of their own cows.

Lifelong friends Kyle Harris and Jeffery Kast staged a Tiger King photoshoot with one of their cows at their farm in Sparta, Wisconsin in the US.

Kyle and Jeffery both dressed up as Joe, and used non-toxic livestock paint to get their cow looking decidedly more exotic himself.

Kyle posted the picture on his Facebook page, and it has since gained over 20K likes leaving their followers in hysterics at the pair’s hilarious Tiger King-themed photoshoot.

One said: ‘I guess when you Quarantine you find lots of fun ideas lol.’

Another added: ‘Hahahaha this is great.’

One wrote: ‘The spray-painted cow is the best.’

Given the litany of animal rights problems with the original Tiger King, it’s good to see people having fun with non-caged animals that don’t belong in a totally different continent.

Plus, there’s a lot less chance of somebody losing an arm with this happy striped cow.

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