We Tested Kristen Bell & Kirby Howell-Baptiste To See If They Have ~Secret Talents~

The stars of the new film Queenpins, Kristen Bell and Kirby Howell Baptiste are great at acting, they’ve proved that. So what else can they do? Lovely question, reader. Well, your curiosity can rest, because we here at Cosmo put them through their paces in our brand new show (drumroll pls,) SECRET TALENT TEST!

I guess the name says it all, but this game is about uncovering the unique potential talents our guests may possess. “Talents” include but are not limited to: dealing cards, yo-yo-ing, mind reading, and other very necessary skills.

If being a dynamic duo was one of the talent being tested, Kirby and Kristin would pass, since they were absolutely delightful together. Alas, ‘good banter’ actually wasn’t on any of the cards, but you will love watching them attempt the other stuff. Keep watching to find out what they can do (spoiler: a lot!) and what they can’t. And watch Queenpins on Paramount+!

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