Weezer Drops Epic New Cover Album & Fans Are Freaking Out Over ‘No Scrubs’ Rendition — Listen

Ahead of the release of their upcoming new album, Weezer surprised fans with even more music! The guys dropped ‘Weezer (Teal Album)’ on Jan. 24, which features them covering other artists’ hits. Listen here!

Weezer just gave us the song covers we never knew we needed! The guys dropped their album Weezer (Teal Album) on Jan. 24, and rather than feature new, original songs, the guys shared their take on some other artists’ biggest tracks. The one that has fans buzzing the most, though, is the band’s cover of “No Scrubs” by TLC. The rendition is completely unexpected, especially since the song is so different from the kind of music the group usually produces. Weezer put a whole new spin on the beloved song, and it’s getting some mixed reviews from fans.

“Weezer covering No Scrubs is the only thing that matters,” someone raved on Twitter, while another fan added, “It’s 7:24 am and now my life has been changed forever by listening to Weezer sing No Scrubs.” However, others were not so impressed. “No Scrubs already had IMMENSE comedic value and being covered by Weezer just makes it infinitely better,” someone tweeted. Another wrote, “I got as far as ‘fly’ on that Weezer version of No Scrubs and hope to never hear it again.”

Other tracks on the cover album include Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” Toto’s “Africa,” A-ha’s “Take On Me” and many more. You can listen to the full album below right here:

Meanwhile, if you’re a Weezer fan looking for some more original music from the group the wait won’t be long! Weezer (Black Album) is expected to drop on March 1, which is just a little over one month away!

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