Why It Was ‘Really Important’ For Lori Harvey To Celebrate Her 24th Birthday With Michael B. Jordan: They’re ‘Inseparable’

Lori Harvey celebrated her 24th birthday ‘in Atlanta at the home of her parents’ with Michael B. Jordan, who ‘vibed so well with her whole family’.

It looks like Lori Harvey, 24, and Michael B. Jordan‘s relationship is progressing nicely. The stepdaughter of Steve Harvey, 63, and the 33-year-old actor just went Instagram official with their romance and also celebrated Lori’s birthday at her parents’ lavish home in Atlanta, GA on Jan. 13.

“It was really important to Lori that Michael be there to celebrate her 24th birthday with her and her family because she definitely sees their relationship going somewhere,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Lori and Michael have been inseparable and she couldn’t be happier with him. She couldn’t have imagined spending her birthday without him by her side and she loves that he blends in so amazing with the people that matter the most to her.”

“Michael has this magnetic personality and he’s so charismatic,” the source continued. “But more importantly, he’s a great guy who is completely genuine and he treats Lori and her family with the utmost respect. For her parents to welcome Michael into their home and celebrate with the family speaks volumes about how they view him which is a really good thing.”

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