‘Woke’ model is giving out free nudes on OnlyFans to men who get Covid vaccine

A ‘woke’ OnlyFans star says she is sending free nudes to men who can prove they’ve been vaccinated against Covid-19.

The model, known as Kazumi Squirts, which is not her real name, made the jaw-dropping promise in a bid to help tackle the spread of coronavirus.

Kazumi, 24, was speaking on the No Jumper Patreon podcast when she revealed her raunchy incentive.

She said: “I’ve been sending free nudes to people who send their vax card.

“Get vaccinated [and] I will send you me naked for free.”

The podcast host known as Adam22 replied: “I saw that, that’s very woke.”

And comedian Danny Mullen asked: “Is that something you’re passionate about or do you just want to get picked up in some sort of hashtag cycle?”

Kazumi, from Florida, US, hit back with: “What? Everyone should get vaxxed.”

She then added that she wouldn’t hang out with people who haven’t been jabbed.

No Jumper posted the clip on Instagram to which one page replied: “An American hero.”

And Danny Mullen said: “The wildest podcast I’ve ever been a part of.”

Kazumi joined OnlyFans after being humiliated when someone filmed her during an intimate moment without her consent.

She was just 19 when a stranger secretly filmed her in a pool party with a date.

Her sales job bosses saw the clip after it was posted online and went viral.

But Kazumi said she regained control three months later by selling her own private snaps on the explicit subscription site.

The beauty said: “In the end, I decided to embrace it.

“I thought to myself that obviously people enjoyed seeing it so why not make some money from it?”

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