Woman creates hilarious elf dog snaps with her two pooches

Parents might be getting Elf on the Shelf to pose in all sorts of ways in the build up to Christmas but one woman has adapted the trend for her dogs.

Linda Kush, 63, snaps her dogs Roxie and Riley in all sorts of ways for Elf Dog every year.

She takes a picture each day from December 1 until Christmas Eve with Roxie doing everything from simply sitting on the shelf to showing wrapping up her sister, Riley, in gift paper and Roxie dangling marshmallows over an open flame.

Linda says she started Elf Dog in 2018 and says the response is always so positive that she decided to restart it for a third year running in 2020.

The former dog trainer said: ‘Roxie has been Elf Dog for the past two years but she and her sister, Riley, five, are so patient that each image takes no longer than five minutes to complete.

‘I use my imagination for most of the shots and the dogs love wearing clothes so all good fun.

‘I remember first seeing Elf on the Shelf in 2018 and thinking it was really silly.

‘I don’t have children and decided to create my own with something even better, a real life dog.’

Linda manages to get the dogs to do all sorts and her favourite image is one of Roxie dangling the real Elf on the Shelf over the toilet as Riley prepares to press the flush.

She added: ‘Roxie is a Vizsla and Riley is a Weimaraner so they’re both big dogs which makes the photos even funnier.

‘Roxie has been the Elf Dog since we started it in 2018 but her youngest sister, Reka, who is also a Vizsla, will hopefully take over from next year but she’s currently only seven months old.’

Linda says she sometimes surprised herself with her creativity and has received dozens of heart felt messages online.

She adds: ‘My dogs are my world and it’s lovely to know we have made so many others smile.

‘I always receive messages from people who say “you’ve made my day” or my “you’ve made my heart smile.”

‘As 2020 has been rough for everyone it has been eagerly anticipated by a lot of my friends and family online.

‘I’ll create a unique idea each day up until December 24 so we have plenty of photos on the way.’

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