Woman justifies her gross habits because she lives in middle of nowhere

A woman has admitted being "gross" for not having a routine to keep herself clean and said soap is only for people who go out in public.

Annabel Fenwick Elliott, 35, has been very shy for years and she doesn't like to socialise with people.

The journalist opened up her dark secrets on TikTok and shared all the "gross" things she do just because she doesn't "see the point" of doing so.

Speaking on the platform, she says: "I live alone, in the middle of nowhere with no contact with other humans, I just want to see if anyone else does them.

"Number 1, I don't shower, literally for, like, sometimes a week. Don't really see the point, don't really like the feeling, don't like being wet and having to get dry and it's cold.

"I don't use deodorant either because again I don't see the point. I don't see the point and it doesn't bother me. I don't feel very dirty."

But she said she will use deodorant when she goes out for grocery shopping and it's "out of courtesy for other people".

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"I don't brush my hair either, again what's the point?" she continues.

"The point is that you don't get matted, so that when you do wash, it's easier to brush out but I still don't brush my hair."

Another thing Annabel doesn't like to keep it as a routine is brushing teeth because she says the food taste weird after brushing teeth.

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Surprisingly, a lot of viewers have since come forward and said they do "exactly the same" thing as Annabel.

"Why bother? Who's gonna notice or care if I'm home for an extended period of time," one said.

A second wrote: "I think so many people pretend they are perfect and in reality they are definitely not! I only change my bed every four to five months."

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