Woman spends £20k on full body tattoo suit – and even gets her genitals inked

A tattoo-obsessed woman has spent nearly £20,000 on various designs to ensure almost every part of her body is covered in ink.

Julia Nuno, 32, got her first piece of permanent body art when she was 18.

And in the last three years, she's dedicated a total of 234 hours getting a full body suit.

The residential carer, from California, has splurged £19,530 so far, covering every inch of her skin from the soles of her feet to the top of her head.

Despite concerns from her family, Julia even had her genital area tattooed earlier this month in Texas.

She also plans to get her face – the last remaining untouched space – covered in geometric flowers in the future.

Julia said: "It’s taken me quite a while, I started getting tattooed as soon as I was old enough.

"Collecting them came a bit for me, it’s only over the last few years that I have been going constantly.

"I started out small with a hibiscus flower on my chest but it just ended up growing…

"I had no intention of collecting or getting a suit but somewhere down the line I just decided to go all the way. Now I can’t stop."

For the last three years, Julia has spent three hours in tattoo parlours every fortnight, adding to her collection.

But the ink lover admits it’s the sessions and process of getting the work done that keeps her going back, adding she usually lets the artist choose the design.

"For a long time I told myself and other people that I would never shave my head to get it tattooed, I said 'that’s crazy'," she said.

"But when I ran out of space on my body it was the next obvious part.

"I feel like the more tattooed I am the more irritating it feels to see empty space.

"When I’m finished I’m going to go over my existing suit restoring the colours and existing lines.

"The sessions are really special to me, the art is nice but it’s the actual tattooing sessions that I’m really addicted to. A lot of times I let the man who tattoos me pick the art.

"I have ideas about what I want to get but usually it’s what he chooses."

Despite concerns from her family that she might be going too far, Julia feels she must keep going and plans to get her face covered later this year.

The singleton added that while some people have been put off by her tattoos others have been entranced by them and often strangers will come up to her in the street to touch her skin.

She said: "The people I work with are very accepting and look past it but I think some of my family have problems with how many tattoos I have.

"They weren’t surprised when I shaved my head to have my head tattooed but my mum doesn’t like face tattoos so I know she won’t be a fan when I have that done, but I feel like I have to do it.

"People are fascinated and they do look at me, a lot of people want to touch them as well which can be unnerving when they do it without asking.

"It hasn’t made much of a difference in a romantic sense, some people are really into it and like me even more for my tattoos and others are put off but it’s what I want to do and it makes me happy, so I don’t worry too much about what other people think."

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