Woman who ‘hated’ tattoos spent £30k covering 90% of her body in colourful ink

A tattoo model used to look totally different 10 years ago – when she had bare skin and natural looks.

In her early 40s, Kerstin Ehe didn’t used to like inkings.

But after taking a leap and getting her first tattoos, three lillies on her shoulder, she soon got hooked on body art.

Now 55, Kerstin has ink that covers her from neck to toe.

The model, from Leipzig, Germany, estimates she’s spent around £30,000 on her colourful tatts, which she believes covers 90% of her body.

She's chuffed with her transformation and ignores critics who aren't keen on her new look.

In a video with Truly, Kerstin said: “I used to hate tattoos five years ago but now I love them.

“I sacrificed my whole life-savings on them.

“I invested between €30,000 to €35,000 (around £35,000) on my tattoos…

“I got my first tattoo at 48 and three years later I decided to cover my whole body

“I couldn’t stand my skin any more. I simply wanted to try something new.”

Even though Kerstin has dramatically changed her look, she’s chuffed with all her body art and has no regrets about her ink.

She said: “When I look at myself in the mirror I see a beautiful meadow full of flowers that one has to love.

“I haven’t regretted any of my tattoos.

“You can’t regret flowers. They are so beautiful…

“My tattoos are very important to me because when I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, then I’m happy about these nice tattoos.”

Even though Kerstin and her friends love the inkings, she receives hate comments from some who say she’s “too old for tattoos”.

The Instagram model doesn’t let this hold her back though.

She said: “My friends always say I look great. They’re positive and don’t have any problem with it.

“When we’re walking down the street, I receive many looks but they don’t mind. They’re very used to it.

“I get negative comments but it absolutely doesn’t matter to me what others say.”

Kerstin continued: “I am me and I live only once. I have to like it and not the others. I have to feel happy.

“No one is too old for tattoos and I don’t care what the others say.”

The influencer’s tattoo transformation is almost complete.

She plans to get the remaining bare skin on her neck covered in designs – but won’t be inking her face any tim soon.

Kerstin added: “My next tattoo will be here on the neck. I’d like to have it finished.”

To keep up with the star's body art journey, follow her on Instagram @tattoo_butterfly_flower.

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