Women let rip in hilarious letters to former partners

Shout out to my ex! Women let rip in hilarious letters to former partners about why it went wrong – including one who sent her a sex toy meant for his mistress

  • Women from around the world have shared letters with To The Guys I’ve Dated
  • Instagram account features hilarious and hair-raising accounts of break-ups
  • One woman was alarmed when partner’s ex broke in and spooned them in bed
  • Another was horrified when her boyfriend’s mother redecroated their new home 

Break ups are always difficult, but sometimes the hardest part of all is not having the chance to get your feelings off your chest after parting from a less-than-ideal match. 

Luckily, frustated women can now vent to their hearts’ content thanks to the Instagram account To The Guys I’ve Dated which shares short letters from people around the world to their exes, explaining exactly what went wrong – and it makes for eye-opening reading. 

The hilarious missives are more full of rage than regret, as women reveal exactly why they’re now single, including one whose boyfriend sent her a sex toy meant for the woman he was cheating with.

A disgruntled homeowner revealed her partner’s mother redecroated their new property while they were away and spilled paint on the floor, while another was understandably alarmed when her boyfriend’s ex broke in, climbed into their bed and started spooning them. 

While these relationships may have ended in disasters, the hilarious goodbye notes may just have made it worth the time and effort.  

Ashanti from Tampa, Florida sent a scathing note to Mikey who sent a sex toy meant for the woman he was cheating with to his sister’s house – only for it to become a topic of converstation with his family 

Three is definitely a crowd! A woman from Waco knew things had gone very wrong when her partner’s ex visited their bedroom for a cuddle 

Just take a selfie! A man claiming to be called both Eric and Kevin is seriously failing at dating by using his wedding photos on his profile 

Step away from the computer, Alan! This Wikipidea entry captured Becca’s attention, but it was never going to end well 

Best laid plans! Olivia couldn’t help feeling a certain sense of satisfaction to learn that things are not working out quite how Mark wanted 

Put the phone down! Brittany from New York was understandably put out when she spotted her date ogling his exes just moments after they had sex 

Sweet revenge! Leanne from Dublin revealed how she got her own back on Matt for cheating on her with her best friend 

Keeping it in the family! Although things were not serious between Mandy and Cory from Canada, it was too much for her when he transferred his affections to her mother and expected her to spend Christmas with them 

Decor disaster! Ashley from New Jersey turned her back for a moment and ended up with a totally new look for her new home, thanks to a controlling mother 

Lucky escape! Rach from Winnipeg was glad she swerved a meeting with a casual date when she realised he’s currently preparing for the birth of his child 

It will all come out in the wash! Jess from Australia was less than impressed to receive a bar of soap from her ex Darcy 

Sophie was understandably left devastated by Marc who picked the worst possible timing to end their relationship 

Annie from Australia had an awkward moment with Dan when she decided she preferred the waiter who she locked eyes with on their date 

Unwise words! Elizabeth from Vancouver was not impressed with your pillow talk, Justin 

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