Would Prince William Really Have an Affair With Kate Middleton's Best Friend?

The rumors of the Windsors sometimes straddle the line where many here in the states can’t tell what’s complete fabrication and what’s possible truth. Then you have other occasional rumors stretching all credulity. When it’s about a possible affair, it seems there’s enough precedent where some people think it could be true.

A recent story about an aristocratic British group called Turnip Toffs broached an unsavory thought of Prince William possibly having an affair with a former friend of Kate Middleton’s.

We want to be purveyors of truth, so let’s again scope out what’s likely true or false about this story.

How did this crazy rumor start?

One of the sources for this Prince William affair rumor comes from Celebitchy.com, even if they just cite outside sources. According to them, it all started when Kate apparently shunned Rose Hanbury (the Marchioness of Cholmondeley) from their secret Turnip Toffs group. Nobody really knows why Kate banished Hanbury from the group, but the latter was apparently one of Kate’s best friends before their rift.

William then reportedly tried to clean up the story when inside rumblings started about a possible affair between him and Hanbury. This story was already treading on the dubious until a prominent food critic and reporter in Britain supposedly spilled the beans about the affair on Twitter.

There’s only one problem with this food reviewer: He’s not known for being an ethical person.

Who is Giles Cohen?

It’s already a bit eerie to talk about the Turnip Toffs since it feels like a secret society only a select few have privy to in the U.K. It makes you wonder, however, how much outsiders really know about the things going on there.

Giles Cohen is already well-known in Britain and also does reporting about the royals on occasion. His recent tweeted response to someone asking about the situation had him saying “everyone knows” about Prince William’s affair. At the same time, he was also very vague and flip about it, making it hard to tell if he knew something real or just being cheeky.

He deleted the tweet not long after, likely knowing what kind of lawsuits or other uprising it could bring. Assuming there’s any kernel of truth to this, what can we say about William’s past experience with similar situations?

The psychological aspects to Charles and Diana’s affairs

Some reports in recent years say Diana once broke the news to young William about one of her affairs. Possibly, he knew and understood everything going on when he was young, which easily could have turned his world upside-down psychologically.

On the other hand, it might have scared William enough where he vowed to never do the same thing and ruin his family. When you place some reality into this new affair rumor, it really doesn’t add up considering how close he is to Kate and their three kids.

Others might still think being a royal means affairs are ongoing without consequence due to wealth and power. Whatever the truth is, the public guise of William and Kate are likely slightly different from what occurs behind closed doors. It’s not to say William would risk everything for a quick affair, especially in a time when the news can spread in minutes.

So will we really know why Kate wants William to “phase out” Rose Hanbury (and her husband)?

There could be a lot of reasons why Kate took these actions

What complicates this story is that Hanbury and her husband (David Rocksavage) were nearby neighbors to Kate and William. They even went on double dates together, which sounds like a perfect chaotic setup out of the Kardashian house of scandal.

A long list of things could be behind why Kate wanted both Hanbury and Rocksavage out of their lives. When you’re this close to people, you can sometimes discover numerous issues you didn’t realize when first meeting.

Those who’ve studied Prince William since childhood, though, discount the idea of an affair based merely on not wanting to repeat the mistakes of his parents.

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