10 Coronation Street spoilers reveal the aftermath of the Connor family's shock death horror

Coronation Street kicked off a dark new storyline for the Connors on Friday night (September 28) as they found themselves implicated in the shock death of Cormac Truman.

Cormac died of a drug overdose at Michelle’s flat, but he could have survived if Ryan hadn’t panicked and taken so long to call an ambulance.

Ryan’s fatal error now sets the stage for a huge new October storyline, which will include high-stakes scenes and a shocking car crash. Here, we’re rounding up 10 spoilers revealing what happens next.

1. DS Mackinnon leaves everyone terrified

Eagle-eyed Corrie fans will have noticed that the detective who arrived at the Connor flat to investigate Cormac’s demise was none other than DS Mackinnon.

The fearsome-yet-incompetent detective sergeant has previously been involved in two other major crime stories on the cobbles – Maria Connor being framed for murder by Caz (Mackinnon believed it without question) and Ken Barlow being pushed down the stairs (culprit Daniel Osbourne still at large).

Mackinnon may be pretty useless, but her reputation for randomly arresting people without a shred of evidence and making wild accusations definitely precedes her. Will the Connors be able to cope under the pressure?

2. Ryan sticks to his false story

Friday’s episodes saw Michelle urge Ryan to protect himself by keeping quiet about what really happened in Cormac’s final moments. Because that always ends well in the soap world.

Taking his mum’s dodgy advice on board, Ryan tells the police that when he found Cormac at the flat after his overdose, he was already dead. But how easy will it be to fool the authorities with this lie?

3. Sophie lies to the police

Sophie Webster also gets drawn into the cover-up when Ryan and Michelle both beg her to back up their false version of events. Although she’s torn, Sophie eventually agrees to help them by corroborating their story.

When Sophie’s partner Paula Martin finds out about the lie, she’s appalled and orders her to make a new statement revealing the truth this time. Will Sophie listen?

Stirling Gallacher, who plays Paula, recently told Digital Spy: “I think that’s the first time that Paula properly thinks about the age gap. Sophie has made such an immature call on this – to not call Paula for a start, but then to tell a lie and think it would be fine.

“It dawns on Paula that there is an age gap there and she feels frustrated that it makes their relationship trickier.”

4. Ronan plays nice… at first

The Connor family are already worried about how Ronan will react to the tragic death of his son and whether he’ll blame them for what happened.

Monday’s (October 1) double bill sees Ronan pay a visit to the cobbles to thank the Connors for their efforts with trying to save Cormac, leaving Ryan squirming. A little tip, Ryan – it’s probably wise not to look so guilty.

5. News of another death rattles Ryan

A couple of days after Ronan’s visit, Robert shows Ryan and Michelle a very worrying newspaper report about the Cormac incident.

The paper reveals that the drug dealer who supplied Cormac has already been found dead – a sinister hint of Ronan’s ruthlessness when it comes to taking revenge. Ryan blames himself for both deaths, full of guilt and self-pity over what’s happened.

6. Ryan gets arrested

Things only get worse for Ryan when the police find the bag of pills which Cormac planted in his coat pocket (for plot purposes!) before he died.

Ryan is taken down to the station and with trusty lawyer Imran Habeeb backing him up, he finally comes clean over his delay with calling the ambulance. The hapless DJ is warned that he’s in serious trouble if the pills match those that killed Cormac.

7. Ronan starts to make threats

Word of Ryan’s arrest quickly gets back to Ronan, who realises that his mission to avenge Cormac’s death isn’t over yet.

Ronan confronts Michelle and menacingly warns that he’ll be waiting for Ryan as soon as he’s released from police custody, leaving her terrified over her son’s safety.

8. Ryan loses it

Although Ryan’s later released by the police, he’s horrified when Michelle warns him about the threats that Ronan has been making.

Deciding that he’s probably safer with the police, Ryan refuses to leave and goes berserk in the station’s waiting room, smashing things up and kicking an officer so that he’ll be re-arrested. Politely asking for police protection may have been more effective, but this is Ryan we’re talking about.

9. Car crash horror!

Corrie‘s cast and crew were recently pictured filming on location for a shocking high-speed car chase and crash stunt, which will tie in with this storyline.

Kym Marsh (Michelle), Ryan Prescott (Ryan), James Burrows (Ali) and Alan McKenna (Ronan) were caught by paparazzi photographers while working on the storyline, which will see lives hang in the balance when Ronan takes his revenge in high-stakes scenes.

10. Another death?

While there’s been no official word on the outcome of this storyline, we wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a death involved.

Corrie always airs a huge storyline in October and it usually involves the Grim Reaper paying a visit. So, after the demise of Cormac and his drug dealer, could there be a third death to come in this sorry saga?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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