'1000-lb Sisters': Fans are Siding with Tammy Slaton for Once

 1000-lb Sisters fans aren’t exactly known for being forgiving. Over the course of three seasons of the  TLC show, fans have criticized Tammy Slaton for her lack of progress. Amy Slaton and her brother, Chris Combs, also get some flack from fans but not nearly as much as Tammy. After a recent episode, some viewers started coming to Tammy’s defense.

‘1000-lb Sisters’ fans don’t think Tammy deserves so much criticism

Since Tammy has backslidden several times on her weight loss journey, she has received criticism from fans and members of her family, alike. But after this week’s episode, even fans are tired of how much Tammy’s family comes down on her.

“I know Tammy is our resident villain on this show, but she’s not the only one that isn’t trying,” one person commented on Reddit. “She’s the biggest, and she needs a lifestyle change the most, but that’s not really the point. The point is they all have a food addiction/poor diet/lack of exercise just like Tammy does. Why is Tammy the only one that can be continuously criticized by the whole family about it all the time? I’m honestly getting tired of everyone (except Tisa) telling Tammy about herself.”

Some fans felt that Tammy gets so much hate because she plays the victim.

“I don’t think the reason we all keep bringing up Tammy is because we perceive the rest of them as saints,” another person wrote. “No, they all suck, let’s not kid ourselves. They all have problems. But they’re not blaming each other for their weight like Tammy does. Chris says his weight is his (or rather the surgery’s) fault. He doesn’t blame Amy or Tammy for him gaining weight. Amy doesn’t blame Tammy or Chris for her weight, she blames her childhood and learned habit.”

Others brought up that Combs also gained weight when he was supposed to be losing it.

“For Chris to gain 40 pounds in how many weeks is HIS fault, not the surgery,” one fan wrote.

Ultimately, most fans felt like the whole family should share the blame for their current predicament.

“They seem to need deep family counseling,” one person wrote. “They all deflect by trying to use humor and hey can’t talk about painful issues without fighting. Their weight is from years of denial.”

Weight loss journeys

At the beginning of the show, Tammy weighed around 600 pounds and Amy weighed around 400 pounds. Their doctor instructed them to both lose weight so that they would qualify for bariatric surgery. Amy took the task seriously and began exercising and changing her diet in order to lose weight. Amy ended up having the surgery and getting down to under 300 pounds. Since her surgery, she has slacked on eating healthy and exercising.

Tammy has mostly gained weight over the course of the last two seasons. In season 3, she checked into rehab to lose weight but checked herself out early. Combs was originally making progress but after he developed a boil on his leg that left him unable to exercise, he gained most of his weight back.

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