5 Gold Rings viewers furious as ITV show’s app suffers error in major fail

5 Gold Rings fans were left fuming during Sunday's episode as the app wouldn't work.

The ITV show, presented by Phillip Schofield, was back as four hopeful contestants played to win a huge cash prize.

Phil continued to promote the show's app which allows viewers at home to play along as it has a number of interactive elements.

He told viewers during the episode: "Hope you're playing along at home", but many fans were unable to.

However, a vast array of fans took to Twitter to complain that the app wouldn't work.

One viewer tweeted: "Why is it every week this stupid app won't let me log in. I keep entering my email and password and it says trouble with my registration. Then says I have tried too many times & locked my account FFs. I've spent my time looking at the app not the program!"

While another raged: "I was excited until I couldn't get on the app… AGAIN! Even after trying to reinstall it will this be sorted soon?"

A third added: "I am not happy at all! I have downloaded the 5 gold rings app and when I try to log in it keeps saying ERROR! This is ridiculous please sort it out."

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