50 Cent and The Game beef explained

THE world of Rap has been dominated by many great artists which wrote themselves down in history.

Two of those artists are 50 Cent and The Game, who have a long ongoing feud that dates back to 2005.

50 Cent and The Game beef explained

50 Cent formed part of the rap group, G-Unit.

In 2003, Dr Dre introduced The Game to the group to help boost his popularity as his debut album, The Documentary, was coming out.

It has three singles featuring 50 Cent on it.

It all started when 50 Cent's second album release, The Massacre, was pushed back to give The Game's debut album more importance.

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Besides a feud between the two rappers, 50 Cent also had beef with Dr Dre and Jimmy Lovine from Interscope Records.

During a radio interview, 50 Cent claimed that The Game was "gone" and that night Game tried to reenter the radio station and one of his friends got shot in the leg by a security guard.

the rest of the G-Unit left the station from the back door.

After that, the pair stated that they will put their beef to rest with Game saying: "50 and I are proving that real situations and real problems can be solved with real talk."

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But it was all for nothing, as G-Unit kicked Game out of the group and after that 50 Cent and Game just released diss tracks towards each other.

Game regretted what happened with the Group, Dr Dre and Jimmy Lovine.

He wanted to speak with 50 Cent, issued an apology to Dre Dre and Lovine, but it was all for nothing.

G-Unit accepted no apology and by that time, over 100 diss tracks have been released from the pair about each other.

Game attempted at ending the feud again when he called out 50 Cent on Twitter in 2010, asking him to speak about it.

Still no response from 50 and in 2012 he released another track featuring Eminem and Adam Levine, which was thought to be towards Game.

50 Cent claimed that the track was written two years before it was released, but it did not stop The Game from responding with yet another diss track.

Game wanted to get G-Unit back together then and urged fans to sign a petition, but the group did not want anything to do with him.

A few months later, contrary to what he previously said, he released a mixtape titled OKE (Operation Kill Everything) in October 2013.

He offended G-Unit and 50 Cent in it and later on the group reunited but The Game was left out of the reunion.

Did 50 Cent's girlfriend DM The Game?

On March 25, The Game outed 50 Cent's girlfriend, Cuban Link, that she allegedly DMed the rapper.

The Game captioned a photo on Instagram of 50 Cent's head on a rotisserie chicken.

The caption said: "Hit @therealswizzz & @timbaland ASAP & stop runnin from this verzuz.

"Oh' n tell ya girl stay out of my DM's… if she don't want her man overweight, fat as f*** hanging upside down like the rotisserie chicken at the Super Bowl."

This was in mockery of 50 Cent's upside down performance at the Super Bowl.

It's reported that Cuban Link sent a topless photo with her phone number and a message saying: "video girl?? Keep in mind."

Why did 50 Cent mock Jimmy Lovine at the Lakers game?

It has been reported that the Interscope Records co-founder ignore The Game at the Los Angeles Lakers game.

50 Cent trolled the pair on his Instagram sharing a clip of Lovine avoiding The Game.

The caption said, "LOL The Man did not even look at him.

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"Get this guy out of here 50 wrote the records."

Jimmy Lovine was involved in pushing back 50 Cent's album in 2005 and so had a small part to play in the beef between the rappers.

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