A Place in the Sun buyer breaks down in tears just minutes into property search – leaving husband 'lost for words'

A PLACE in the Sun buyer broke down in tears just minutes into a property search – leaving her husband 'lost for words'.

Her emotional reaction came as the show's host Scarlette Douglas worked her magic to find the couple their dream holiday home in Cyprus.

Londoners Taz and Tracy joined Scarlette in their search for a one-bedroom property with a budget of £60,000.

Their requirements included amazing views, a pool and a balcony, as well as being close to the beach and local amenities.

Taz, whose family are from Cyprus, had explained he wanted to move there permanently with his wife Tracy.

And as Scarlette introduced them to the very first property in Protaras, it was clear they were impressed.

Standing outside, Tracy had a huge smile on her face as she praised the home's "fantastic location."

The pair revealed they'd previously visited the complex and knew properties on the site were usually snapped up.

Scarlett explained the property was on priced at £70,000, but that the owner would probably accept £65,000.

Once inside, Taz commented: "It’s perfect, we can make this work."

Before Scarlett asked Tracy: "What feeling are you getting overall would you say, Tracy?"

And that's when the property hunter could no longer keep her emotions in check as she struggled to answer Scarlett's question, turning to her husband as the tears fell.

"Aw, you’re getting emotional," asked Scarlette. "What is it? What are you thinking?"

Wiping away her tears as her husband embraced her, Tracy explained: "I’ve been looking for two years and this is what we’ve been looking for.

"It just feels fantastic."

Scarlett reflected: "I guess this has been a long time coming for both of you, right?"

Taz responded: "We’ve looked for a long time to find the dream place.

"Yes, we are picky but you walk in and think ‘that view’, it’s just a killer."

Commented on the sea view from the balcony, he exclaimed: "I’m lost for words."

Taz and Tracy went on to view another two properties during the episode which aired on Wednesday, but it seems nothing could live up to their first viewing.

By the end of the show, with Scarlett's help, the couple put in an offer of £55,000 for their dream house.

But when their initial offer was turned down, they upped the money to £58,000n which was accepted by the owner.

A Place In The Sun airs every weekday on Channel 4, at 3pm.

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