A Place in the Sun viewers slam Laura Hamilton’s property choice ‘Looks like a tip!’

A Place In The Sun: Laura says couple have ‘fight on their hands’

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A Place in the Sun presenter Laura Hamilton was on a mission during Wednesday’s Channel 4 programme as she tried to find Gill and Paul their dream holiday home in Spain’s Costa Del Sol. The couple had a budget of £80,000, and with that, they hoped to get a two-bedroom holiday home. They told Laura they could stretch up to £30,000 more for the right property.

Before the search began, the couple explained their son, Ben already lived out there in a small apartment.

So, they wanted to find somewhere bigger for him to live and for when they visit during the winter months.

Laura seemed to get off to a great start with the first property as the duo seemed to be impressed before even stepping foot inside.

The apartment was priced above their budget at £99,000, but the couple seemed to love how spacious the apartment was.

As they moved on to the next property, the pair told Laura the first apartment was a contender.

The second home was a second-floor apartment located 10 minutes away from the beach.

Despite being priced above their budget at £107,000, Laura explained there was wriggle room to compromise.

After further inspection, Gill told the property expert: “I love it.”

Laura also seemed to win Paul around, although, he did point out the kitchen was a bit small. He also went on to rule the first property out completely.

The third property took the couple away from the beach and to the countryside.

The apartment, priced at £101,000, also came with an outdoor terrace, an open plan living room and two bedrooms.

However, the duo weren’t very keen on the location of the apartment, although when they stepped foot inside they were thrilled at how spacious it was.

As Laura took the couple inside the apartment, some viewers weren’t impressed with the expert’s choice, with some comparing it to a “tip” or a “hostel”.

Taking to social media to share their thoughts, user @Pepperpot said: “A larger kitchen? A very large room? A good size? Massive? Really? Am I looking at the same thing? Looks tiny to me. A visit to Specsavers recommended.”

While Tina added: “Oh it’s horrible! It’s a depressing hole on an estate.”

“Yikes! That decor is horrendous. The vendors should have whitewashed it,” Terry pointed out.

Liam said: “A large kitchen? I’ve seen nail cells bigger.”

An unimpressed Fi tweeted: “Why don’t the vendors have tidy up…that’s a tip heap.”

“Two bedrooms..yay….ex council hostel…yay,” Tina joked while MJ added: “Not this one. It’s on the housing estate.” (sic)

Next up, the mum-of-two took Gill and Paul to an enclosed terrace apartment with mountain views.

However, the duo were put off by the amount of renovation work that needed doing.

The fifth and final option was priced at £104,000 and came with two terraces, a double bedroom and an open plan kitchen, although the couple didn’t seem to be blown away.

When it came to making a decision, Paul and Gill put in an offer for the second property. After their offer was rejected initially, the couple’s counteroffer was finally accepted.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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