Alan Carr refuses to reveal what song Adele sang at his wedding on Chris Evans Virgin Radio show – The Sun

ALAN Carr has opened up about Adele's appearance at his wedding – but refused to reveal what song she performed.

The comedian, who got married to Paul Drayton in 2018, appeared on Chris Evans' Virgin Radio breakfast show today.

Alan, 43, explained: "I got married after the last tour date and Adele married us in the back garden. She got ordained and married us which was lovely."

Chris asked: "The obvious question on everyone's mind though is: did she sing?"

He replied: "Of course she sang – you don't get married by Adele and ask her to do the catering. I never say what song she sang."

Alan and his hubby Paul are long-time friends with the 31-year-old chart-topper.

Adele, who has an estimated net worth of £125 million, paid for the whole wedding.

The long standing friend of Alan Carr was so delighted about their engagement that she wanted to plan every part of it.

Alan, 41, told the Mail last year: "It was a very special day. She was amazing. She got ordained.

"I said: 'Let me pay for something.' She said: 'No, I’m paying.' She paid for the whole thing.’"

The Chris Evans Virgin Radio Breakfast show with Sky, is on weekdays from 6:30am

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