Angelina Jolie looks solemn as she shops with her kids days after ex Brad Pitt reunites with Jennifer Aniston

ANGELINA Jolie looked solemn as she shopped with her kids on Saturday afternoon, days after ex Brad Pitt reunited with Jennifer Aniston.

Dressed all in black, the actress, 45, was spotted at Target with children Zahara, 15, Shiloh, 14, and Vivienne, 12.

The group treated themselves to some cold drinks before heading back to the car.

Angelina's family outing comes after the kids' dad, Brad Pitt, reunited with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston last week.

The former couple played lovebirds at a charity table read for Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

The movie icons appeared on screen together for a steamy sex scene in the 1982 classic film 15 years after their highly-publicized divorce. 

The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor read the character of Brad Hamilton as the Morning Show star played Linda Barrett – the girl he lusted over.

Brad, 56, was the first to show his support for his ex as he clapped when she was introduced by host Dane Cook. 

Jen, 51, returned the sentiment and cheered for her ex-husband as he appeared on camera. 

The two appeared friendly as the A-list cast – which also included Jimmy Kimmel, Morgan Freeman, Shia LaBeouf, Matthew McConaughey, Julia Roberts and original star Sean Penn – read their respective lines. 

However, it’s the movie’s most infamous scene that got the former lovers virtually face-to-face.

In the clip, the character Brad gets home from work to find his little sister’s friend, Linda, in their backyard swimming pool. 

Linda – played originally by 80’s icon Phoebe Cates – rocked a red bikini as her love interest began “jerking off” while watching her in the water. 

Jen and Brad both smirked as narrator Morgan Freeman described the act of Brad’s arm “pumping up and down” to Linda’s “large breasts and hard nipples.”

The Friends alum then said her first line to her ex-husband: “Hi Brad, you know how cute you always were. 

“You’re so sexy. Will you come to me?” She provocatively said in the risqué scene. 

The fantasy scene also described Brad taking Linda’s swimsuit top off as they began to get physical. 

However, just as they are about to “make passionate love” with each other, the fantasy ends as Linda walks in on Brad touching himself. 

“Doesn’t anybody f**king knock anymore?!” Brad yells appearing embarrassed in character.

Fans were thrilled at the Hollywood legends’ reunion that has been long-awaited after their tumultuous split in 2005. 

A source later said Brad and Jen "had a really good time reuniting" at the virtual table reading.

A source told Us Weekly: "[Host] Dane [Cook] plans to organize more readings like this in the future. … Brad and Jen’s friends and the others involved thought it went really well!”

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