Anna Kendrick Reveals Her Ideal Superpower and More While Answering (Adorable!) Kid's Questions

Anna Kendrick couldn’t help but be distracted by the cuteness of the reporters while answering some questions from many of her youngest fans for PEOPLE.

While staying safe at home, the Trolls World Tour star, 34, revealed some interesting tidbits about her life.

“These children are so cute. I want to adopt all of them,” she joked. “But then they’ll find out that I don’t know how to take care of children and want to go home.”

When Carter, 6, asked Kendrick what superpower she would like to have she said it would definitely be to be invisible.

“When people ask would you rather fly or be invisible, I think I would rather be invisible because I could be really sneaky,” she responds.

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When Lily, 7, tells Kendrick she is a big fan of Poppy’s pink hair, Kendrick says she too desires that fun hair color.

“I’m really jealous of Poppy’s pink hair,” says Kendrick. “I have to be boring and have brown hair. But I would love to have pink hair or blue hair or green hair but top of the list is probably pink hair.”

In the film, Poppy and Branch go on an adventure where they travel to different Troll lands that each represent a different form of music — including pop (where Poppy and Branch are from), as well as rock, country, techno, classical and funk.

The two make new friends along the way, which also means new cast members!

Mary J. Blige and George Clinton take on the roles of the Queen and King of Funk while Rachel Bloom brings the Queen of Rock, Barb, to life with her electric guitar.

Trolls World Tour is available on-demand April 10.

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