Ant and Dec warned not to make any sheep sex jokes on new I'm A Celebrity in Wales

ANT and Dec have been warned by the Welsh not to make any jokes about sheep sex or poke fun at their language when filming the new series of I'm A Celebrity.

Locals in Abergele, north Wales, have put together lighthearted and hilarious advice for the Geordie duo, the celebs and the show's production team.

They demand that all "sheep s******g" jokes are banned as well as any mention of rural Welsh folk supposedly being "backward" and how difficult it is to pronounce some Welsh place names.

A piece in a local Welsh speaking news website says: "Welcome to Wales, I'm a Celebrity – please don't make any c*** jokes about sheep and the Welsh language.

"Your crew is sure to get a very warm welcome. This could be an excellent opportunity to show off what Wales has to offer to a large audience.

"So, please ITV, don't ruin it now! I’m sure that as your writers gather around the table and dust off their laptops to sketch out the bones of this Autumn’s new series, a few obvious jokes will present themselves.

“These jokes will involve the un-pronounceability of Welsh place names, the dangers of ‘backwards’ rural Welsh people, and lots of sexual promiscuity surrounding sheep.

“First of all, Wales is a funny place and we do like telling jokes about ourselves. We have no problem with good, original gags, even if they are taking the p*** a little bit.

“There are also some jokes that are very tired and we’ve heard a million times, but are acceptable. Yes, it is a scientifically meteorological fact that it does rain a lot in the north of Wales.

“Yes, although we will sigh and roll your eyes, you can say ‘What’s occurin’?’ and make jokes about Tom Jones. Hell, you’ve probably already lined Ruth Jones and Sir Tom up to appear on the show.

“We do like our rugby, although there’s generally less interest in the north of Wales where you’re going to be filming.”

The series, broadcast from Australia for the past 19 years, has been shifted to Wales this time because of Covid.

Welsh health minister Vaughan Gething last week brought in strict rules in Conwy County – banning separate households from meeting unless they are outdoors.

It follows a spike in cases in the North Wales region, home to Gwrych Castle in Abergele — where celebrities were due to gather for filming. Extended household bubbles have been scrapped and people will also not be allowed to enter or leave the area without a reasonable excuse.

But sources told The Sun ITV were working hard and battling to keep the show on air.

In August, there were 20 positive cases in Conwy but that rose to 75 in September.

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