Antiques Roadshow guest left stunned at Rolling Stones memorabilia valuation: ‘Amazing’

Antiques Roadshow: Woman in shock at Rolling Stones valuation

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In a classic episode of Antiques Roadshow, BBC host Fiona Bruce took viewers to the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester. Amongst the thousands of people who attended the show and were eager for their belongings to be valued, one guest left expert Marc Allum blown away with her Rolling Stones memorabilia. The autographs and photos showed the memories the guest had made and, in turn, were priceless.

After introducing the guest to the show, Marc said: “I take it by the material we have on the table in front of us that you were a bit of a Rolling Stones fan?

“Tell me something about all of these things?”

Smiling at Marc’s enthusiasm, the guest explained: “OK, Paris 1965, on a school trip, time off and my friend and I, who was also on the school trip, knew the Stones were going to be in Paris that week.

“So got on the Metro, went to the hotel, managed to coax our way into the hotel down to the bar, and that’s where we met Mick, Keith and Brian.

“Spent an hour chatting to them, hence the photographs and the autographs!”

Shocked at the story she had just told, Marc asked: “So let me get this straight, how old were you?”

“Fourteen” the guest revealed, which left Marc in more shock as he exclaimed: “Fourteen years old, on a school trip, you knew in advance that the Stones were in Paris.

“You had plotted to bunk off on your school trip and go and meet the Rolling Stones, you don’t look like a wild kind of girl!”

Flattered by his remark, the guest replied: “Well, thank you!”

“I have to be honest with you,” Marc continued. “If I thought my daughter was about to bunk off in Paris on a school trip and go and meet the Rolling Stones, I would be pretty worried about that!

“How on earth did you manage to blag your way into the hotel?”

The guest revealed: “I don’t know, just a confidence of youth I suppose, we just said we were press.”

Taken back by her story once again, Marc squealed: “You said you were press!”

“Well, yes, I know it sounds ridiculous, but they phoned down to the bar, and somebody down there said to send them down, and off we went,” the guest said.

Pointing at the photos, Marc continued: “Well, here’s the proof, here in front of us are three photographs, and I love these photographs, and I presume one of these girls here is you?”

Pointing to herself in the photo, the guest explained: “Yes, that’s me, you can’t tell, but I am blonde, and I am that one at the back there and that is my friend Jean.”

Marc asked: “Ok, well, you were partners in crime, which members of the Stones did you both love most?”

The guest said: “Well from the photograph there, you can see Jean was a fan of Keith, and I was a fan of Brian.

“But unfortunately, there wasn’t enough film in the camera for me to have my photograph taken with Brian.”

Clarifying her story, Marc reiterated: “So those three pictures there were the last three pictures on the roll.

“To be honest with you, it sounds like you had a really incredible time, I can see here that you have also got some signatures.

“I can see that you got Mick Jaggers signature there then underneath here, we have got Brian Jones and who is underneath that?”

“Keith, it all happened there in the bar!”

Amazed at the origin story of the photos and autographs, Marc said: “I can’t believe it, he looks so young, doesn’t he!

“Value, I reckon you have probably got about £300-£400 worth of material here!”

Shocked at the amount, the guest exclaimed: “Really? Gosh, well, that amazes me, super!”

Marc joked: “The experience was far more valuable, wasn’t it?”

To which she agreed and said: “Well, I have remembered it for a long time lets put it that way.”

Antiques Roadshow is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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