Antiques Roadshow guest lost for words over value of brooch with ‘royal connection’

Antiques Roadshow: Brooch valued at over £8000

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Antiques Roadshow visited Dyffryn Gardens in Cardiff for a recent episode of the BBC show. Expert John Benjamin was thrilled with a guest’s green gold brooch, which left her lost for words when she found out the value of her belongings and the royal connection it had.

The guest brought a photograph of a man and woman, a ring, and a burgundy box, which John was very interested in.

Spotting the box, he said: “This worn box with gold tooling around the edge and in the centre and interesting cypher, that little gold cypher tells me that is something that goes back.

“Dare I say to the Russian royal family to the tsar, tell me a bit about that and what the connection is between this lady and the lady on the left.”

The guest explained: “The lady on the left was called Jean Dewar she worked at Buckingham Palace as well, and when Nicholas II, the Tsar of Russia, came over in 1908.

“She was the person who looked after his room and him, and when he left, he presented her with the brooch that’s inside that box.”

Looking slightly confused at the guest’s revelation, John explained: “Now one little point there, you mentioned 1908 that it was the Tsar who came over to London, Buckingham Palace, I couldn’t find a record of that.

“I wonder if it’s possible in 1908, the Tsar’s mother came over and stayed at Buckingham Palace with her sister who was, of course, the queen to Edward VII.

“The brooch itself two blue stones, sapphires, the little leaves underneath well they’re green gold now that means they’ve put a bit of silver in to create the green colour,” he described.

John continued: “Let’s have a little look at the brooch now, on the pin did you see there a tiny impression halfway along the pin?

“It’s a monogram that tells me that this was made by a craftsman called Thielemann, and he was a craftsman who did work for – guess who?

“Peter Carl Faberge, it’s in the original presentation case, it’s in absolutely pristine condition subject to the affirmation of this connection directly through to the tsar or maybe his mother £8,000 to £12,000,” he revealed.

The guest was taken back in shock and simply replied: “Phew, goodness.”

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John went on to say: “So, Jean and Thomas left a legacy that today has matured into something quite significant, I congratulate you.”

The ring was also estimated at a high price, with the guest explaining: “The ring was actually a tie pin, and it was presented to my grandfather in the picture who was Thomas Walker.

“He was a footman at Buckingham Palace, and he was a footman to King George the fifth when the war was declared,” she described.

She continued: “He had to go out to France as a dispatch rider, and then Kind George the fifth came out to visit the troops.

“He came on horseback, and when he came near the troops, the troops all clapped and cheered, and his horse reared, and he fell quite heavily.

“Fortunately, my grandfather was there, and he recognised him because he had been his footman, and he carried him to safety in a Chateau,” the guest explained.

After assessing the ring and the type of metal it was made from, John estimated the ring between £800 and £1,200.

Antiques Roadshow airs Sunday’s at 8pm on BBC One. 
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