BBC Breakfast host loses it with Tory MP in car crash interview ‘I heard the first time!’

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Today’s MP up for interview was Nadhim Zahawi and it was the turn of Rachel Burden to ask the questions. Those watching at home saw the BBC Breakfast conclude their conversation with a “rude” remark when the politician for Business and Industry reiterated the government’s coronavirus safety slogan. 

Burden asked: “Just a final question because we have been talking about Halloween today. 

“What’s your advice to parents? Children are beginning to build up their excitement for this year’s Halloween celebrations. 

“So, are you saying ‘yes go out and trick or treat?’ What are you telling parents?” 

“I’m saying Hands, Face, Space and rule of six,” Zahawi replied. 

“Six children, no more. Hands. Space. Face. Enjoy Halloween safely – in a Covid safe way.” 

“Can you go and knock on doors?” Burden probed. “Can you go and pick sweets out of a bucket?” 

“As I said, Hands. Space. Face. Rule of six, you can enjoy Halloween in a safe way,” Zahawi reiterated. 

“Exercise common sense, schools have done phenomenally well and infections amongst children are incredibly low, so actually if you’re careful you can enjoy Hallowen in a safe way. 

“Hands. Space. Face.” He concluded. 

“Yes, I heard…” Burden remarked. “The first and second time.” 

Those watching at home were left divided over the way Burden conducted the interview. 

Taking to Twitter, one said: “Burden lost patience with Zahawi waffling #BBCBreakfast.” 

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@bbcnews where did your professionalism go? Your presenters would be better suited to GMTV where they are often rude to their guests! Rachel ‘yes, I heard you the first and second time’! You didn’t let the guest speak #bbcbreakfast #rude #bbcnews,” someone else asked. 

Another wrote: “#bbcbreakfast Shameful questioning by Rachel Burden this morning regarding Halloween. Rude, aggressive,  and embarrassing. BBC you not helping people at all (sic).” 

However, others wanted to see Burden make a more regular appearance when it came to BBC Breakfast interviewing politicians everyday. 

“Sounds like Rachel should be doing all the 7.30 slots …  #BBCBreakfast,” one tweeted. 

And another chimed: “Wish we could have @rachelburden on every morning #bbcbreakfast.” 

@BBCBreakfast finally a presenter who isn’t afraid of challenging the politicians,” someone stated. 

An alternative viewer commented: “@rachelburden is absolutely on it this morning. Asking all the right questions #BBCBreakfast.”

BBC Breakfast airs everyday at 6am on BBC One. 

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