Big Paul reveals shocking tan lines as he runs round naked in front of Nelly

Big Paul Knightley learned the price of fame the hard way tonight when he streaked on TV.

Sam Faiers’ baby daddy was forced to strip off and run round naked in front of his girlfriend’s hysterical family.

After losing a bet to Greg Shepherd, Paul had to humiliate himself by dashing around the grounds of a country manor house in the nude.

Big Paul exposed his shocking tan lines as he ran around while trying to cover his privates with two strategically placed caps.

While most of the family burst out laughing, it was all abit too much for shocked Nelly, 3, who didn’t seem to understand what uncle Paul was doing.

Paul was made to face a forfeit after he was beaten by Bllie’s fiance Greg in a clay pigeon shooting contest.

Despite feeling nervous, Paul said: "I had to man up and do the bet because I shook on it. I had to step up and do it. I couldn’t fold."

Everyone got their cameras out as they waited for Paul to strip off, before he finally emerged wearing just his boots.

Big Paul sprinted out the door and around in a circle, leaving the Faiers and Shepherd clans in fits of laughter.

Speaking to Sam afterwards, Paul said: "I didn’t want to run too fast. I thought what if when I’m holding myself I fall over. This could go really wrong here."

Luckily Paul didn’t stack it, but Greg felt gutted that he hadn’t locked the door to trap Paul outside.

One little person who was a bit surprised by all the nudity was young Nelly.

Revealing his daughter’s reaction, Greg said: "Nelly was in shock as well. She was like ‘what’s uncle Paul doing?’"

Paul added: "It was all a bit of a blur really. I went into that room and took my clothes off. I couldn’t wait to get back into that room."

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