Biggest Love Island snakes ever from man-stealing antics to secret sex

The Love Island villa is packed to the rafters with snakey behaviour.

Loyalties are forever being tested and heads are constantly being turned.

And while Islanders expect unwavering loyalty and devotion from the partner they've been coupled up with since they met two days ago, bombshells entering the villa are forever saying that they're in there for themselves and aren't afraid to step on any toes.

But who are the biggest snakes to ever enter the villa?

Let's take a look back at some of the controversial decisions made over the years…

Siannise Fudge

It's only been a few days, but Siannise is already ruffling some feathers.

Fans will see her betraying Shaughna tonight in a bid to prevent new girl Rebecca from stealing the object of her affection.

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At the moment, it looks like Rebecca is torn between Connagh and Callum, with her choosing to kiss them last night when she was dared to snog the two Islanders she fancies the most.

Siannise has her eye on Connagh though, and seems to subtly suggest that Rebecca should go for Callum, despite him being coupled up with Shaughna.

After telling Rebecca what a lovely boy Callum is, Siannise adds: "My advice, if you’re feeling Callum is more me, I would probably just pull her for a chat, just let her know.”

She adds: "You have to go with your heart and that’s my advice to you. Be real and honest with yourself."

Sophie Piper

Rochelle Humes' little sister Sophie was branded a snake by viewers when she lied to Connagh's face about her kiss with original Connor.

Sophie and Connor coupled up on day one, but bombshell Connagh chose to steal her in a recoupling because he didn't want to regret not taking the risk.

As Sophie and Connor caught up after his date with Rebecca, he made it clear he only had eyes for Sophie, and besotted with his admiration, she gave him a snog.

The gossip quickly got back to Connagh, and he pulled Sophie up, only for her to lie straight to his face.

She initially told him that they'd only kissed in a challenge, but as Connagh pointed out the inconsistencies in her story when compared to others, she confessed.

She told him she'd felt so awkward that she lied without thinking about.

He later said in the Beach Hut: "Maybe it was a blessing in disguise if she's gonna be telling little lies like that.

"I don't see why you have to lie about it. If I already knew, why lie about it?"

Megan Barton-Hanson and Wes Nelson

In series four, Megan and Wes did a double snake when they decided to couple up with each other.

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Wes was planning a future with Laura Anderson when Megan decided she fancied him.

In a shocking moment, she took him to one side and told him she had feelings for him and asked him to kiss her.

He refused because he was still coupled up with Laura, but their chat obviously got him thinking.

He told Laura that he wanted to get to know Megan and she was devastated.

She called things off because she didn't want to share her man with another woman, and left Megan and Wes to run off into the sunset together.

Rykard Jenkins

Back in series two, it was Rykard who provided the most memorable snakey moment.

He left viewers shocked when he had an under-the-covers moment with Olivia Buckland, in the bed next to a sleeping Rachel, who he had been cracking on with.

After the deed, Rykard told love interest Rachel that he could never have sex in the villa.

He told her: "A part of me would like to, but then a part of me thinks, you can’t go all out, so what’s the point. I think, if you’ve got that sort of connection, it would be nice. I don’t think anyone would know either."

But not long after that, he spilled the beans to Tom, telling him: "Me and Olivia are good mates, and the other night we actually, you know…"

Tom asked: "You slept with each other?"

He confessed he had before begging Tom to keep it a secret.

Michael Griffiths

Michael left the nation reeling in 2019 when he pied love interest Amber for new girl Joanna during the Casa Amor twist.

Everyone felt Amber's pain when she came back from Casa Amor, hoping to reconnect with Michael in the main villa, only to see him stood with his arm around another woman.

His decision caused a lot of arguments, but of course, Amber went on to couple up with Greg and win the show.

And Michael recently told Mirror Online that he doesn't regret what happened.

He said: "No, not at all. If I'd have stayed with Amber for the sake of it I'd be doing none of us any justice.

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"We weren't going to work in a relationship so why would I drag it out and hurt her in the long run? Even though I hurt her there and then she went on to win it.

"It would have been worse in the long run, I was true to myself and I don't regret anything with Amber because we weren't meant to be together and if I like someone else then it's obviously not meant to be. I wouldn't be interested in another girl if I was meant to be with her.

"Look at Tommy [Fury] and Molly-Mae [Hague], they're still together and they're doing great. So no, I don't regret anything. If I see her I can speak to her but it's not like I'm going to pick up the phone and call her because we don't have anything to speak about. I'm not really a bad guy."

He added: "I said I'd much rather they painted me as the villain than anybody else, because I wouldn't like to see anyone else go through what I've been through."

Adam Collard

In series four, Adam's heard was turned more times that anyone else's.

He came in as a post-coupling bombshell and the following day, chose to steal Kendall from Niall.

And after she was dumped from the villa, he coupled up with Rosie and seemed pretty smitten.

But when his head was turned by Zara, Rosie ended up being dumped from the Island.

Zara was later sent packing and Adam vowed to stay true to her, insisting she was the girl for him.

But it didn't take him long to recouple with Darylle, proving that it's not always easy to stay faithful in the villa.

Josh Denzel

Another bombshell moment came in series four when Josh decided to dump Georgia for Kaz during the Casa Amor twist.

Georgia was horrified when she stood waiting as a singleton in the villa to be reunited with her beau, only to see him walk in hand-in-hand with another girl.

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Curtis Pritchard

And who could forget that moment in 2019 when Curtis made a speech to the villa about his head being turned by another woman during Casa Amor.

Amy was relieved when she walked back into the villa to see Curtis standing on his own.

She declared her love for him as she talked about how much she'd missed him, only to be left horrified when he sat her down to tell her he'd wanted to couple up with someone else, but had been rejected.

"I was coming back here to tell you I loved you," Amy angrily told him through gritted teeth.

Of course, she ended up walking away from the villa after declaring she wouldn't find anyone else in there, and that it was too painful for her to watch Curtis cracking on with Maura.

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