Celebrity Big Brother viewers are already loving the old-school vibe for Eye of the Storm series

It’s no secret that there’s A LOT riding on the success on the new series of Celebrity Big Brother — but so far it looks like Channel 5 can rest assured that fans are happy with the Eye of the Storm.

Emma Willis welcomed fans back to Borehamwood on Thursday night (August 16) for what may be the final series on Channel 5, and viewers were immediately struck by some familiar elements that fans haven’t seen in years.

For starters, producers have brought back the enclosed staircase leading to the house entrance — meaning that the other housemates will no longer be able to see each other enter on launch, or, as it were, leave on eviction nights.

This brought back some serious nostalgia from the off:

The narrow staircase got the better of Emma, who was huffing and puffing as she admitted to viewers that she was out of breath after climbing down them.

“I’ll tell you what. Those stairs take it out of ya,” she quipped.

The nostalgia continued when the night’s famous housemates were driven up to the house in a hired car, just like in the Channel 4 years. It was another old-school touch that fans loved:

Overall, viewers were just loving the old-school flourishes that the designers added to the house. All that’s missing is Nikki Grahame (actually, even she was included in the wraparound adverts):

Prior to the series launching, creative director Paul Osborne — who worked on Big Brother during its glory years — promised that his team were looking for ways to make CBB feel “fresh” again.

Who knew “fresh” meant going old-school? Celebrity Big Brother continues on Friday (August 17) at 9pm on Channel 5, followed by Rylan Clark-Neal presenting Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side at 11pm.

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