Celebs Go Dating fans creeped out by Wayne Lineker as he asks date for a knife

Wayne Lineker, 58, perhaps best known for being ex-professional footballer Gary Lineker’s younger brother, had viewers unsure as he rolled out a very bizarre chat-up line during the first episode of Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion.

The TV personality admitted early on that he wasn’t used to having to do the work with women, usually being approached for his fame and status.

Taking part in the boys’ first mixer, Wayne made a few clangers from the get-go, calling two women fat in a story about how he walked into the wrong flat in London.

But it was when he attempted to share his attraction to brunette bombshell Carla that his technique fell completely flat.

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“There’s only one girl I like in here babe,” he said as they chatted, another potential date sat by them.

“Where is she? Which one?” Carla asked innocently.

“Erm, have you got a knife?” Wayne said seriously, prompting complete confusion from the women.

“Sorry what, a knife?” Carla asked. “Should we be worried?”

Nervously laughing with her fellow dater, Carla said she was “scared” as Wayne looked around for the elusive item.

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Realising how he may have come across, the entrepreneur explained: “Oh no, I was going to shine it up and go… have a look.”

The penny dropping, Carla smiled at her suitor and replied “aww” at his unusual gesture.

Flocking to Twitter, viewers weren’t impressed by Wayne’s methods.

“Wayne actually creeps me out,” one person commented.

Another posted: “So far I really don’t like Wayne Lineker.”

“Thanks for making me grateful for being single,” a third viewer wrote.

While a fourth burst out laughing at the unexpected moment, saying: “Hahaha have you got a knife,” followed by: “OK Wayne is being just as cringe as to be expected and I am living for it hun.”

“Erm… Wayne Lineker's chat up lines are… interesting,” another viewer added.

Celebs Go Dating continues tomorrow at 9pm on E4

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