'Chicago P.D.': 1 Recent Episode Had Fans Saying the Show is Getting Predictable

Chicago P.D. has given fans endless entertainment since 2014, and throughout, viewers have stayed glued to their screens due to the spontaneity of the episodes.

Although the police procedural drama makes for good TV, some of the storylines, according to fans, have become dull. A recent episode has fans calling the show predictable.

A recent episode of ‘Chicago P.D.’ has fans riled up

Chicago P.D. details the lives of the members of the elite Intelligence Unit. As part of the job description, the officers usually find themselves at the heart of danger, and even though they sometimes get out unscathed, other times, the results are fatal. One character who is especially painfully aware of the risks of the job is Kim Burgess.

Burgess always seems to find herself in a life-or-death situation in almost every season. In the past seasons, fans saw Burgess get shot in season 2 while still working as a patrol officer. After her recovery, Hank Voight asked her to join the Intelligence Unit, where her life hasn’t been that much easier.

Fans also watched as Burgess lost her child during a drug bust. During that time, Burgess fought for her life in the hospital and barely made it. With the writers having created a pattern with Burgess seemingly always finding herself battling for her life, fans have started getting tired of the storyline.

In the show’s season 9, episode 7, the unit lay in wait to bust a drug ring. During the drug bust, Burgess almost got shot. This didn’t sit right with fans of the show on Twitter, who voiced their concerns about the show’s predictability in recent times.

One fan responded on Twitter saying the show is getting “predictable,” particularly in relation to Burgess and her constant peril.

Fans think the show might get dull this season

Although the storylines in Chicago P.D. have remained steady for a while, fans feel as if the show has the potential to get dull, with many pointing to the situation between Jay and Voight. Tensions between Jay Halstead and Voight ran at an all-time high during a drug bust gone wrong. Jay questioned his faith in the CPD and threatened to walk away. 

Jay and Voight came to a loggerhead following Voight’s recent decision to trust a CI who seemed like she was up to no good. Voight’s CI demanded money to give up crucial information about the drug ring, which doesn’t sit well with Jay, who feels the CI is only soliciting more money from Voight without giving any critical information.

Jay is also upset about Voight’s willingness to cover up the murder of Roy in the previous season, which causes the two more problems. Fans feel like the storyline has been dragged out longer than necessary, and if things don’t change, the series might get dull.

Fan predictions for the season

Regardless of Chicago P.D. fans feeling like the storylines are becoming too predictable, they can’t help themselves but provide their assumptions about what lies ahead for their favorite characters. In a recent Reddit thread, one fan asked other users to offer any predictions for the rest of the season.

The user said they felt like something was cooking up and that Hailey might find herself in the middle. According to the user, the situation might force Jay to trust Voight again. Others reckoned that the season might end with Jay leaving the unit.

Another opined that Burgess might quit the unit and take a desk job with Sergeant Platt. Others reasoned that Hailey might decide to take some time away from the team for her mental health.

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